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stekernolofk: still re deasserting stb, thinking some more about it, what I said yesterday that you can use the registered stb was not correct, you should just use ack to determine if there is valid data06:50
stekernan asserted ack should always mean that the slave has valid data06:51
olofkstekern: I think the problem in an incremental burst is that I can't use ack to trigger the next request08:58
olofkhmm.. my option of routing read requests through async failed too. For inc bursts the next address will be wrong09:13
stekernwhy not?09:47
stekern!stb inserts wait states, when you are done waiting you assert stb and on the next ack you advance09:48
olofkI was perhaps thinking that it would be a problem is latency > 1 cycle, but in those cases, the slave will deassert ack anyway11:34
iorivurHi, I've played with OpenRISC 1+ years ago, and now I'm backed. Is or2k hot now? What's the newest implementation, or best to play with?15:05
wallentohi, there is (and maybe never will be) an or2k15:17
wallento_but_: There have been a lot of improvements and the mor1kx is the new hot implementation15:17
iorivurok thanks. well.... I forgot about... what's the meanings/positioning of orsoc and mor1k15:44
iorivurmor1k is core and orsoc is system implementation wasn't it?15:45
iorivurwhy IP core? How do you develop it?15:50
wallentoorpsoc is fusesoc now, it contains more cores than mor1kx15:59
wallento(and everything is also multicore now)16:00
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iorivurhmm....ok, ok, i'm getting back the sense16:24
olofkGaahh!! I still can't figure out how to make this work20:37
olofkTime to try the third approach20:59
olofkThis does actually seem to work better22:08
olofkYes! I'm getting there22:11
olofkStill hitting plenty of bugs though22:19
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