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poke53282Hard to understand what everything means, but it looks nice. You seem very prominent in this video :)03:47
poke53282fixing wayland/weston: 1 hour03:51
poke53282Fix touchscreen calibration for weston: 3hours.03:52
poke53282It is always the small stuff that takes long.03:54
poke53282dalias: wayland/weston compiles and runs fine without any specific musl patches.05:14
daliasthat's the first good thing i've heard about it05:15
poke53282Ok, I didn't include OpenGL. So, there is still a chance ....05:15
poke53282It is still too early to tell if this is good or bad. It is not meant for productivity yet. So any judgement would be unfair.05:17
poke53282But it uses some crazy stuff which makes it incompatible with all the other operating systems out there.05:18
poke53282But I am not sure if wayland gets accepted. X11 runs not bad in the end. A lot have been fixed.05:20
poke53282And X runs much much faster than weston in jor1k.05:22
daliasX is a much better design than wayland05:23
daliasit has a hideously bloated implementation05:23
daliasand lots of legacy cruft that's not used/usable and could be removed05:24
daliasbut the design is actually sound05:24
daliaswayland has lots of stupid design like putting policy (window management/decoration, ...) in the display server05:24
poke53282Interesting, I have heard exactly the opposite :)05:30
poke53282From my news sites and the magazines I read.05:30
daliasxorg is like glibc and X is like C & POSIX :)05:32
daliasand wayland is like dot net or something :)05:33
poke53282to compare wayland with .net ;)06:11
poke53282This reminds me. I wanted to compile Java.06:13
poke53282stekern: If I want to simulate mor1k, which software do I need? Which one is the easiest?08:09
stekernpoke53282: verilator against mor1kx-generic in orpsoc-cores is fairly easy09:56
stekernwhat are your purpose of simulating it though?09:58
stekernyou'll not get all the åeripherals with that, only the uart09:58
poke53282I am just curious. And maybe I want to check the smp system.18:22
poke53282And don't ask why. That's the wrong question.18:23
stekernyeah, no I won't18:24
stekernjust so you know the limitations of simulating in verilator18:24
poke53282First of all, it is just curiosity.18:29
poke53282Good, mmor1kx in one directory and a copmpiled verilator in the other one18:39
poke53282I guess I need a kernel with ramdisk too.18:40
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