IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2014-11-09

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rschmidlinAnybody here?14:16
wallentostekern: are you there?14:16
juliusbwallento could you hear us?14:18
wallentobut you did not here me it seems?14:19
juliusbi hear somethibg periodically but it's not clear14:19
wallentoi disconnected and try to switch devices14:19
stekernwallento: I'm here, I just realised the time...14:19
juliusbwallento ok14:20
juliusbstekern youre welcome to join us if you csn14:20
stekernI'm trying to start skype on my tablet right now14:21
stekernhow/where should I join?14:21
wallentocan hear you14:22
wallentonot speak14:22
rschmidlinwe are on a hangout session stekern14:23
stekernah, so not skype14:24
rschmidlinI just sent you the link to it14:28
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