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stekern~ # ./pastie-970085707:13
stekernbut I don't have the bugfix applied yet07:15
poke53282I don't think the buxfix is important here.07:23
poke53282the same as root?07:24
poke53282do you get the same result on you x86 machine?07:24
stekernyeah, I don't think the bugfix is important neither07:28
stekernwell, it's important, but not for this case ;)07:28
stekernI can't see the mkstemp trying to open the file when I strace it, so I assume it fails here:
stekernif I add a printf of the name to your pastie, I get this:07:38
stekernname = /tmp/myTmpFile-XXXXXXBT07:38
stekernwhich would explain why that check fails07:38
stekernyou have a off-by-one in your strncpy07:42
stekernit should be: strncpy(name,"/tmp/myTmpFile-XXXXXX",22);07:42
stekernto account for the \007:43
stekernpoke53282: ^07:49
olofkNo more heartbleed or shellshock now08:53
olofkysionneau: It would be great if you could find out which revision of DFI you are using09:37
maxpalnolofk: back again. How're you getting on? I have pretty much finished adding the random wait state functionality.15:24
maxpalnLooking at the code, there is no reason for the 2d arrays to be outside the wb_bfm_master module. In fact, the code would be neater if they were in there.15:25
maxpalnI will move them into the wb_bfm_master module and take them out of the task headers - it should make for more transportable code.15:26
maxpalnolofk: a new zip file is here:
poke53282Ok, thanks stekern16:33
maxpalnhold on - just spotted a bug, BRB16:33
maxpalnk, here's the link:
poke53282stekern: It works, unfortunately I get a "Operation not supported on transport endpoint" error on the second function. But this is the 9p filesystem. Maybe I should change musl, that it uses ftruncate instead. Otherwise wayland/weston fails.16:37
maxpalnI've fixed a bunch of bugs, removed the 2d arrays from the task headers, added random wait states (default 0 to 8 - but use the MAX_WAIT_STATES parameter to change), I've also added the ability to set the random seed via a plusarg on the simulation command line: vsim +seed=316:38
maxpalnI think this should be close to all the functionality I expected to add. See if it works as well on your design.16:39
poke53282Finally jor1k supports UTF-8 for terminal and filesystem. During the development I realized that the swedish keyboard has a very strange sign at "4" which looks like a curved square. What's this?17:03
stekernpoke53282: it = ?17:18
poke53282Ahh, this is the generic currency sign17:28
stekernpoke53282: what is the actual problem? is the actual code doing what you're example is doing?18:44
stekernif so, you could mount a tmpfs on /tmp18:44
stekernthat you can fallocate on18:45
poke53282Well, I had two problems. The one with mkstemp is solved. My fault.18:55
poke53282The other is a limitation of the filesystem, or better a limitation of code using this fallocate function without proper error handling.18:56
poke53282I have already a patch, that weston don't use fallocate.19:01
poke53282But anyhow, using tmpfs is a good idea19:20
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