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wallentohey guys, is the Virtualbox image described here available anywhere?
wallentookay, guys, I accidentally pushed to the website, now we have to do this ;)10:16
poke53282back in Vancouver :)15:44
-!- poke53282 is now known as poke5328115:44
olofkpoke53281: Jesus christ. That was a long flight from Munich :)15:50
poke53281Fascinating, I was asked at every boarder control (USA and Canada)  about Ebola. I wonder if I say yes, if I would get a 21 days free accomodation with three meals a day and very important: free Internet.15:54
poke53281But I am  glad, that I did it. The 3 weeks I were in Germany the Lufthansa and the German Trains were alternately on strike.15:56
poke53281wallento: Will the website get an own domain?16:01
wallentoi don't think so, it should become prominent on the opencores site for the moment16:02
wallentoI just see it temporary16:02
poke53281Are there any ideas for an official logo?16:09
wallentothere were some proposals before, but I had to remove them temporarily as long as we don't buy them16:28
wallentothe latest idea was to get a version of the ORCONF logo16:28
wallentojuliusb is on that topic16:29
stekernthree meals a day served by people in suits ala outbreak17:11
poke53281stekern: who cares as long as I have free internet there.  ;)19:34
stekernpoke53281: I agree ;)19:39
olofkI just had a microUSB charger almost setting my bed on fire. When I came into the bedroom it was smoking and the plastic was all melted. Scary19:41
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