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imphiljuliusb, if you want you can also add the pictures to the orconf homepage
ysionneauthanks for uploading the videos on youtube :)09:43
imphilysionneau, that wasn'tme :)10:02
ysionneauI was more throwing this to whoever did it :p I think it's Simon but I'm not sure I know hiw nickname10:05
juliusbimphil: great idea, thanks10:46
juliusbsimoncook is the man responsible10:53
rahwas there any discussion of opencores at the conference?11:22
rah(that is, the organisation/site/etc.)11:23
mafmwow, the videos are out already... thanks you very much!14:08
olofkstekern: Some thoughts about wb_sdram_ctrl. I changed the behaviour of the arbiter by mistake, and I'm not sure which version that will be most efficient14:19
olofkPreviously, if a port writes to the RAM, and has an outstanding read request, it will handle that before changing port. Now it just changes the port without considering if there are any reads14:20
olofkFor my test case, it kills performance, but I'm not sure which will be better for real workloads14:21
stekernolofk: hmmm, I think I wanted to let a port "hold" the grant until it's completely finished with it's accesses. that can of course lead to a master never letting go of the port.15:21
stekernolofk: I hope you take full responsibility for me neglecting openrisc stuff the past week16:15
stekerndirecting me to blackwell series16:15
stekernI've played through convergence now16:16
stekernthe rest doesn't seem to work on Linux though16:16
firefalconanyone here? julius, stern?18:00
stekernfirefalcon: I'm here18:10
firefalconstekern: any updates on the bugs that I posted to the mailing list?18:21
stekernfirefalcon: the newlib ones?18:38
firefalconstekern: yep18:39
stekernwallento is our current newlib maintainer, but as far as I could see the patches were justified18:39
firefalconAlso, who is updating
stekernprobably no-one18:40
firefalconThe toolchain information is old and should probably be replaced with a link to the open cores wiki (which I just updated and is correct for ubuntu and OS X)18:41 is Jonas Bonn's page18:41
firefalconmaybe he forgot about it?18:42
olofkfirefalcon: Problem is that Jonas isn't around very much nowadays, so we have which people think is the project page that no one maintains18:47
firefalconWhen I was last active, was the go to place18:48
olofkstekern: Yeah, I was interested in Gemini Rue for example18:48
olofkfirefalcon: Yes, the OpenRISC project has had several peope who comes in to make things right and leave half-finished web pages and projects that no one touches afterwards :/18:48
olofk(which is why I tend to be a bit sceptical everytime someone suggests we should just move this or that to somewhere else)18:49
olofkstekern: I'm still at unbound also, so I have some more hours to kill18:50
firefalconlol, I have noticed the same thing, but add in start new openrisc related projects that..18:50
firefalconI like the wiki, because people that are currently active can edit it18:50
olofkYeah, me too. It's ugly as hell, and we need something easier to find for newcomers, but at least it contains the most information18:51
stekernolofk: gemini rue looks interesting18:56
olofkstekern: Looks a bit like a cross between Innocent Until Caught and Beneath A Steel Sky18:57
olofkBut that's windows only :/18:57
stekernis it? at least my search in steam shows a penguin18:58
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