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amsjuliusb: beer?08:18
olofkAnyone here with slightly more SDC/Altera TimeQuest experience than me?08:27
_franck__olofk: what's your question ? (it doesn't mean I have more expenrience with SDC than you)08:47
maxpalnHi All, a question from the linux developer: Does the MOR1KX have any ‘hardware assisted TLB reload’? - they handily found this from stekern from July of last year :-)
stekernmaxpaln: yes, it does. but the necessary linux patches is still dwelling in a seperate branch08:59
stekernand there's one problem with it that doesn't make it efficient, it's not behind the L1 cache09:00
stekern(and the changes  are not the patches in that branch)09:02
stekernit's this:
stekernmaxpaln: this was the wb_streamer instantiation I spoke about yesterday btw:
maxpalnstekern: thanks on both counts - I will pass on the tlb info and have a look myself. I'll browse the wb_streamer implementation a little later when I get some time :-)09:07
olofk_franck__: I had a few questions, but I think I got it sorted out now.09:07
juliusbams: always09:35
amsjuliusb: now?09:35
juliusbams: it's 6pm somewhere in the world, right?09:36
amsjuliusb: exactly!!!09:37
amsthe girlfriend isn't convinced by such arguments though ...09:39
wallento4 is sufficient ;)09:42
juliusbour management certainly thought 4PM was sufficient yesterday, to celebrate being offerred $2.5B for the business09:49
juliusb(or the day before, rather)09:50
rahjuliusb: which business?10:27
olofkAlright. Constraining starts to pay off. Added some false path and Fmax is increasing10:37
stekernoh, this is a new fun turn in FPGA development. I have a system that only works when signal tap is enabled and it has timing errors...10:50
olofkstekern: Did you remember to slaughter a lamb with a silver knife while you did Place & Route?11:06
stekernhmm, yes11:07
olofkThen I don't know11:10
stekernwait a second! that wasn't a lamb, it was a wolf!11:11
stekernwhat was it doing among my lambs, and why was it wearing lamb disguise?11:11
olofkI always put "derive_wolfs [get *lambs*]" in my sdc11:12
olofkstekern: Do you straight away if the CDC from read_done (in sdram_clk) to wb_state.READ (in wb_clk) is a false path?11:24
olofkIt doesn't look like it's syncronised with a double FF11:26
stekern"straight away"?11:26
olofkCome on. It's not like it's a hard question ;)11:32
hansfbaierstekern: What would be a good way of starting to understand mor1kx? Where should I start? (maybe the ALU I guess....)11:35
stekernI think it might make sense to follow the pipeline, start from fetch, into decode, into execute (alu), to memstage to writeback11:37
stekernpick a simple instruction to begin with, like an 'l.andi'11:38
stekernolofk: the answer is; nope, I'll stay queer11:40
stekernbut you're right, a synchronizer chain is missing there11:41
olofkah.. I missed some words there :)11:42
hansfbaierstekern: thanks a lot12:38
hansfbaierI'm sorry I can't do very much for openrisc ATM, my health has degraded quite a bit12:39
hansfbaierand I put all my spare time into the saxophone in the moment12:39
hansfbaierthat helps me feel healthier12:40
hansfbaierSo I work half a day12:40
hansfbaierand practice half a day12:40
hansfbaiermore or less12:40
hansfbaierIf I am too much in front of the screen that takes a hit on my health12:41
olofkhansfbaier: Sorry to hear that. Hope you will be better12:55
hansfbaierolofk: chronic thing..... seems only to get worse over time ... :[12:56
hansfbaierBTW I'll be in Germany in December, but orconf is already past isn't it?12:56
olofkhansfbaier: Last weekend. Next year perhaps? We're currently leaning on having it at CERN or in Zürich13:00
hansfbaierOh, nice13:22
hansfbaierstill far away....13:22
hansfbaiersee you...13:22
maxpaln stekern: just noticed your comments about design only working with signal tap enabled. This is nothing new - FPGA engineers have been wrestling with this problem for ages. It's the most tangible version of Schroedingers Cat I have come across :-)13:35
maxpalnglad to see it affects Altera devices too though :-)13:36
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olofkOh well. At least I know that the new circuit breaker works now15:42
olofkTurns out that water and electricity isn't always a good combination15:43
olofkThankfully it only rains a bit over 150 days a year here15:44
rschmidlin_Are you running some stress tests ony our boards Olof?16:01
rschmidlin_Btw, which board would you recommend to me?16:01
rschmidlin_An eval board is what I am looking for.16:01
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