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olofkpoke53282: I'll never forget your birthday now :)06:44
olofkMy first programming stuff that I can remember was probably qbasic on a 486. I remember having a really hard time understanding for loops06:45
wallentohey guys07:37
wallentoI took this one:
wallentoand forked it, updated the bootstrap, jekyll wondermagic07:38
wallentoand tried to structure it more like a noob page07:38
wallentopreview is here:
wallentowe need another logo (we did not buy it) plus I will now create the content07:38
olofkI didn't know we had :)07:42
olofkAnd I think a new logo would be good. Looking at it now, I don't like it very much07:42
olofkOr well, looking at it in the context on the url you pasted it looked quite good there07:43
_franck__so a new website/fundation would only be OpenRISC ? Not cores ?07:43
wallentoyeah, I am also not entirely sure about the logo07:43
wallentono, it will be cores07:43
olofk_franck_: Good point07:43
wallentobut the openrisc landing page was really necessary now07:44
wallentoeven if only temporary07:44
wallentobut its a shame..07:44
olofkDon't forget to link to as well07:44
wallentolol, never saw this before07:45
wallentojulius proposed a "call for logo" for two weeks and then a vote07:45
olofkYeah, the call for logo was a good initiative, but it never got decided IIRC07:46
wallentomaybe start it again, jungma also offered to create one07:47
wallentojuliusb said maybe the ORCONF logo in an adapted way07:48
olofkYeah, I like that one a lot07:48
olofkBut it might be worth to see alternatives07:48
wallentothere are a few requirements, I would definitely make mandatory: i) background needs to be transparent, ii) it needs a version that works on light and one that works on dark backgrounds, iii) for both it needs a large version (for documents etc.), a small version (like for the website navigation) and an icon07:50
wallentothen we should be fine I suppose07:50
olofkAnd this probably means a few logos07:50
wallentowe should maybe integrate your news with the landing page07:51
wallentoOpenRISC news/update mail07:52
olofkThe stuff on my blog?07:52
wallentoor just link there07:52
olofkYes. We should integrate the OpenRISC-related stuff from there somehow, but maybe just as an additional resource, together with the stuff that _franck_ has written for example07:53
olofkAnd write short status updates on the main page instead07:54
wallentoyes, as it is based on jekyll, everybody can blog, add news under his name easily07:54
_franck__wallento: is there any plan to store cores from opencores somewhere else ? Like blueCmd started to do ?07:58
wallentowe agreed to start a preliminary board of contributors from OpenRISC that hopefully constitutes the next day07:59
wallentoit definitely needs a new page, independent of how its called08:00
wallentobut we also agreed it is not the repositories that really matter08:00
wallentobut more the community stuff that should be in the focus08:00
wallentorepositories can be github or whatever08:00
_franck__I agree08:00
wallentothe foundation will then establish a new site08:01
wallentoand not a single person or company08:01
olofkstekern: I've tried to separate your wb_streamer_test to a driver and test application. I'm not very sure how the driver should be packaged though. Should I just have a .c and .h, or should I make an archive?09:01
olofkI guess this is a general question. How are bare-metal drivers normally handled?09:01
wallentosome more updates:
wallentoI tried to put all main information on the front page and now we can start put more detailed information or an overview+links on the detail sites13:46
wallentoplus a news post13:46
wallentoquite simple to handle actually13:46
wallentoi will continue and once I am completed and we have a logo ready, we can put it online, I propose13:47
poke53282olofk: I did in QBasic on a 386 my first more serious programming steps. I figured also out, what a variable is during that time :)13:52
maxpalnwallento: looking good - already a very concise overview :-)14:12
stekernolofk: I don't think there's a standard way14:39
juliusbThat is *so* much neater16:39
stekernI agree16:39
stekernand I vote for a variant of the orconf logo as the openrisc logo, I think that was neat16:40
wallentoregarding the Downloads, what do you think should go there. i think the following things can go in there: links to the latest pre-built toolchain releases, a virtualbox image (including what?)16:47
wallentoboth can be pretty good automatized16:48
poke53282Yes, the orconf logo looks nice. Also for jor1k I need another one. At the moment I use the opencores logo.17:13
poke53282I would also suggest to add some toolchain, which uses the qemu user mode emulator. Something like
poke53282This are just a few lines and you compile directly in an OpenRISC machine.17:15
wallentosounds good17:48
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olofkwallento: Latest tar ball of FuseSoC could go there too18:49
olofkoh.. and pre-built FPGA images18:56
juliusbdownloads of virtualbox images are very very useful. pre-built tool chains are tricky, right? there's so many platforms to cover, maybe geting it apt-get-able is the target there?22:34
juliusbI think for the logo I would still like to open it up for some more to be considered before deciding22:35
imphiljuliusb, pre-built toolchains are very doable, essentially only a linux64 and linux32 version is required22:57
imphiljuliusb, example of the linaro toolchain for arm:
imphiljuliusb, I'm working on a automated way of creating a virtual box image including the toolchain using packer, that works rather well at least for the open source components. including things like systemc and vendor tools is unfortunately not possible, and we'll provide wrapper scripts for easier installation instead23:02
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