IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2014-10-12

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juliusbwell thanks again to everyone who came along to orconf this weekend18:27
juliusbi'm curious to know how the forum turned out18:27
stekernjuliusb: a lot of action points were assigned to you, due to you not being present ;)19:10
olofkI'm alive and at home. Totally impressed by my own survival skills21:24
olofkIt did help a bit that I was picked up at the airport but still21:24
olofkysionneau: I made some progress on the Migen stuff we played with at the airport. There is a Point-to-Point connector for Wishbone that can be used instead of the shared one. That was exactly what I was looking for21:25
olofkOh well. Time to sleep now21:25
poke53282it was great to see you all there22:29
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