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sb0_the two openrisc mailing lists are a mess02:21
stekernpoke53282: the quickfloat conversions are only used for the filter, which I have turned off02:34
stekernsb0_: yes02:48
poke53280dalias: I have corrected the input of the terminal. DEL finally works everywhere.03:03
poke53280I still don't like the incompatibilities between the browser. Why do I have to send 0x1b, 0x5b, 0x35, 0x7e to the terminal for PAGE_DOWN03:05
poke53280between the *terminals* I mean03:07
poke53280stekern: I have implemented aligned memory access to see if descent1 is playable. The answer is a clear no.04:27
stekernpoke53280: I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you meant unaligned accesses :)04:52
poke53280yes, unaligned04:53
poke53280around 0.2 fps04:54
poke53280with an undocumented function I get 1 fps.05:47
poke53280This is the most important part.05:47
poke53280the scanline part of the rendering routine05:48
poke53280looks more or less optimized for m05:49
poke53280except of this first if then05:51
poke53280yes, it's indeed the perspective correction for the texture that takes most of the time.05:56
poke53280I can make a version with flat textures :)05:56
olofkpoke53282: As a compromise you can use billboarding. Then you get a little perspective correction on one axis at least :)06:57
poke53280even without perspective correction it's too slow. Maybe I can remove the lightning.07:09
poke53280But I am afraid it will run smoothly only without textures07:10
olofkdescent without textures and light sounds like a fun experience :)07:10
poke53280lightning for every drawn polygon is still possible then.07:13
poke53280Another possibility would be to execute an fixed function unit for the scanline rendering.07:15
poke53280Or to use opengl to webgl converter. Well, maybe next year.07:15
olofkstekern: Yes! I'm in the space for whitespace camp as well. Main reason: The usage of tabs doesn't seem to be consistent for the verilog mode even between emacs versions, and I'm not sure there are any equivalent modes for other editors07:18
poke53280Or I reduce the resolution to 320x200.07:18
olofkpoke53282: 320x200 is the only resolution that has ever made sense to me :)07:18
olofkCan jor1k scale the buffer for you?07:19
poke53280No really, sdl does not do it. jor1k could do it with a special option.07:19
poke53280for frontier I changed the source to scale by a factor of two.07:20
poke53280This is very fast.07:20
olofkBut it should be even faster to do that in js on the final framebuffer I guess?07:21
poke53280Yes, of course.07:21
olofkAnd wouldn't require any hacks for games that only support 320x20007:21
poke53280Unfortunately Linux framebuffers don't have such. The easiest would be to provide a second framebuffer with 320x20007:22
olofkaha. Didn't know that07:22
poke53280.... don't have such a feature07:22
poke53280Let me think about it. 320x200 is maybe possible with a little effort.07:24
poke53280But this would give me maybe 4fps with textures.07:24
poke53280I wonder why.07:26
poke53280320x200 should run smoothly. Ok, no asm is used.07:26
poke53280and we use 32 bit for the buffer.07:26
poke53280anyway, olofk. I you want to play around try
poke53280type "d1x-rebirth"07:31
poke53280or d1x-rebirth -tmap quad07:31
poke53280wait, I have to copy the correct files07:32
olofkpoke53282: -tmap quad does what?07:35
olofkAnd how do you measure FPS?07:35
poke53280it changes the algorithm for the textures.07:36
poke53280This is undocumented.07:36
poke53280-tmap fp is also possible07:36
poke53280-tmap c is standard07:36
olofkBack after a reboot. Descent killed my computer :)07:37
olofkWell, not really, but the charger is a bit flaky so I ran out of batteries07:38
poke53280maybe your browser07:38
olofkBut it took me a few seconds to realize that.07:38
olofkAny way to skip the insanely long intro?07:39
olofkAh.. worked now. Thought I had tried that07:39
poke53280you have several option in "d1x-rebirth -help"07:40
olofkAnd how to accelerate? Haven't played for like fifteen years07:40
poke53280Also there is a config file .d1x-rebirth/descent.cfg07:40
olofkI'm getting 2 FPS as well here btw07:40
olofkMore fun than usable right now07:41
poke53280try without -tmap quad07:41
poke53280and it will be really slow07:41
olofkUnlike the ultra fast experience I'm having now, you mean?07:42
poke53280yes :)07:42
poke53280and I don't know what is acceleration here07:42
poke53280key 'a'07:43
poke53280I get two fps too.07:44
poke53280So with 320x200 it might be playable07:44
poke53280for some reason he don't accept 320x20007:49
stekernolofk: (between emacs versions)  yes that's what I figured when looking through the code, even code that I have written is inconsistent, and I believe it's because of that07:59
stekernI've fixed my .emacs to just do spaces now08:00
olofkstekern: I found a lisp script to do that for me. Problem with the one I found was that it automatically converted the files as soon as I opened them, which was a bit painful08:02
olofkstekern: And my FIFO test bench currently loses 48/64 words when I send them through the FIFO. That's good enough, right? :)08:03
stekernI've got this now for mor1kx dev:
stekerndid you fix the 're' thing?08:04
stekernand enabled the bypass?08:04
olofkSame result08:06
olofkNot sure I have all the patches though08:06
olofkIt sucks that gtkwave can't read 2d arrays08:08
olofkI always fire up modelsim for that, but it's a bit annoying to switch tools just for that08:08
olofkah wait. The re signal is still hard coded to 108:09
olofkWhen it should really be connected to... [fill in the blanks]08:12
olofkActually, read side looks ok08:15
olofkand write side too :(08:16
olofkAhh.. the RAM wraps around08:19
olofkWhy is writing and testing a FIFO so damn complicated?08:21
olofkHmm.. looks like the FIFO still accepts a write even when it's full08:26
olofkBetter. Now I only lose 9/64 words08:33
olofkDamn. I overshot. Now I'm getting more words back than I put in08:39
stekernolofk: didn't you just copy the new storebuffer from mor1kx as the FIFO?08:52
olofkI just copied simple_dpram_sclk. Copying the fifo now09:13
olofkBut I've spent most of the time debugging my FIFO writer BFM09:14
stekernthe new simple_dpram_sclk should be  indentical to the old if you tied re to '1'09:14
olofkI'll hold off the copying until I've sorted out the bugs in my BFM. That's where the problem is right now09:15
stekernyeah, just that you don't have a non-working mix between the old and new fifo/dpram, that's probably wise09:18
olofkverilog has way too many equivalent operators. I'm trying to understand why my while loop doesn't abort even though I clearly can prove that the condition is not fulfilled09:18
olofkAh now I see it. What the hell was I thinking?10:08
* olofk ! Overcomplicating things since 1982!10:09
olofkstekern: The files that you linked above does not work for me10:38
stekernolofk: remember, a simple solution to a complicated problem is much more impressive than a complicated solution to a simple problem10:38
stekernolofk: they were only meant as a reference to show what I was speaking about, I didn't test them10:39
stekernwhat is the problem with them though?10:39
stekernalso note that I updated them after I pasted the link, since I had forgot to change the name of the rd_en_i and wr_en_i signals10:41
olofkHaven't checked what's wrong yet, but I suspect it's the full logic10:46
stekernit should be completely equivalent to the old10:52
stekernthe full logic I mean10:52
olofkI see errors when I set a write rate higher than the read rate, but I need to look deeper10:56
stekernis that in the stream_writer or stream_reader?10:58
stekernor is it just pure FIFO tb?10:58
stekernand is it through the fwft FIFO, or pure fifo?10:59
olofkI've mostly tested fifo_fwft11:04
olofkThe writer is equivalent, but I have only implemented a fwft_reader11:04
olofkYour FIFO code works for me now11:04
olofkI replaced both instances of wr_en_i with wr_en_i & !full_o11:05
olofkIn my world it makes no sense to allow writes to a full FIFO11:05
olofkBut I'm not sure what's the common view here11:05
olofkHmmm.. I could of course do that outside of the FIFO instead if someone really really wants to be able to mess up their FIFO11:06
olofkDoh.. I never actually tested your FIFO11:09
stekernyeah, the 'fifo' (storebuffer) assumes that no-one is so silly that they try to write to a full FIFO11:09
olofkWell, your FIFO works11:10
stekernbecause IMO doing wr_en_i & !full_o, doesn't make sense neither11:10
stekernand just add overhead logic (even if it in the end is just on a source level)11:10
olofkYeah. You still need to implement the same logic outside of the FIFO11:11
stekernbecause, you still need logic outside the FIFO to pushback the writer11:11
stekernsince that write got lost anyway11:11
olofkWeird thing now is that my additions doesn't seem to do any differnce11:12
stekernwhat you migh want to add though, is a "WARNING" $display on the wr_en_i & full_o condition11:14
olofkAhh.. I have the same condition in fifo_fwft :)11:14
stekernand read_en_i & empty & !wr_en_i11:15
olofkYeah. That might be a good idea11:15
olofkFinally it's not working anymore!11:16
stekernmmm, things that work are no fun to tinker with11:18
olofkEspecially when they are supposed to be broken11:19
olofkOk, so I'm pushing the updated FIFO now based on yours with `OR_ASYNC_RST removed and rearranged the always @(posedge) block a little11:20
olofkLet's see what broke in wb_streamer then :)11:23
olofkNothing so far11:24
olofkstekern: There was some bug in wb_stream_writer that I was supposed to fix before I dove down in the FIFO stuff. Can you remember what it was and if it's still there?11:29
olofkAh.. I added the busy flag in the ctrl module, but haven't hooked it up yet11:31
stekernolofk: yeah, sorry, I didn't get around to do any proper patches for you yesterday11:32
olofkI'll do some other stuff in the meantime.11:36
maxpalnHowdy all, I have a question on the way the arbiter addressing works -12:25
maxpalnwe are starting to debug a peripheral on the wishbone bus that has a large size (0x100000). But we are finding that any accesses above 0x0000001F cause a bus error. Haven't debugged the root cause yet but wondered if it could be related to the way I have set up the arbiter addressing.12:27
maxpalnI am looking in wb_intercon.v to try and correlate the MATCH_MASK with the address space I've attempted to allocate to the peripheral12:28
maxpalnthat all make sense for the smaller peripherals - but the one for my large peripheral looks odd12:28
maxpalnHere is the .conf file entry:12:28
maxpaln[slave hostif0]12:28
maxpalnAnd here is the entry in the wb_intercon.v:12:29
maxpaln  #(.num_slaves (5),12:29
maxpaln    .MATCH_ADDR ({32'h00000000, 32'h90000000, 32'h93000000, 32'hb0000000, 32'hc0000000}),12:29
maxpaln    .MATCH_MASK ({32'hfe000000, 32'hffffffe0, 32'hfffe7960, 32'hfffffff8, 32'hfffffff8}))12:29
maxpaln wb_mux_or1k_d12:29
maxpalnThe mask for the 3rd peripheral looks incorrect based on the address and size in the .conf - although I am not too familiar with how translation from .conf to the arbiter works.12:30
olofkYeah, that does look wrong12:30
olofkBut 100000 is decimal,right?12:30
olofkYou need powers of two for size12:31
maxpalnaaargh, I forgot to add the hex qualifier on the size!!12:31
olofkwb_intercon_gen should warn for that12:31
maxpalnI don't think I saw a warning when I ran wb_intercon_gen12:32
maxpalnI'm about to rebuild. I'll check then.12:32
olofk"should warn" means "should warn, but that's not implemented yet"12:33
maxpaln:-) ah I see12:34
maxpalnwell, I can confirm it doesn't warn right now :-)12:34
olofkso how's it going otherwise?12:35
maxpalngood - I'm with the customer at the SW house that will be doing the linux development12:35
maxpalnLinux is behaving as expected, the processor is holding up well. I am nearing the stage where I can focus on the broader job of producing some ports for our eval boards12:36
maxpalnThankfully these guys have a lot of embedded Linux experience -12:37
olofkThat helps :)12:37
maxpalna lot - better than my mickey mouse attempts at Linux development! :-)12:37
stekernolofk: time to stop doing other stuff12:39
olofkstekern: Ok. Hungry baby will have to wait12:39
stekernthat's the spirit!12:40
olofkI should teach her autotools, so she can 'make food' herself12:41
olofkwell, 'sudo make food' since a lot of the ingredients require elevated privileges to reach12:41
stekernour girl is big enough to use a stool to elevate her privileges12:43
olofkAh, I see. We haven't added our girl to the furniture group yet13:18
olofkgtg bbl fyi13:19
* olofk is down with the kids!13:20
stekernyeah, don't, our violated her priviliges with permanent markers on our white leather sofa...13:29
poke53282stekern: Did you solve the tinysid problem?15:53
poke53282does the problem also occur when you compile for x86?15:56
stekerndon't know, but the same code worked for arm 5 years ago15:57
poke53282well, you should test it, or I will test it.16:02
stekernis that a threat? ;)16:17
poke53282Hehe, sounds for me16:21
poke53282You will waste my precious time with this task.16:22
olofkstekern: Did you prepare patches, or did you just16:26
olofkwant me to stop doing other things?16:26
stekernolofk: I did a pull request16:31
olofkAha. I usually get mails for these kind of things so I never checked github16:37
olofkC00l. I'll test and report back later tonight16:38
olofkSeems to work so far. Tried 100000 reads with different burst size, buffer size and start address. I'll update the test bench to test IRQ stuff too before I push16:42
olofkInterested to see your bare metal driver as well16:43
stekernall streamer stuff is in main.c17:24
olofkstekern: urgh.. C? Why did you choose that? You could have used Chisel instead. Everybody uses Chisel17:45
olofkAnd Labview of course17:45
PaulfraOSAAIf I compile a simple program (Hello, world) with or1k-elf-gcc -mnewlib -mboard=or1ksim simple.c -o simple I should be able to simulate it using or1k-elf-sim simple, right?17:48
olofkPaulfraOSAA: Never used or1k-elf-sim actually. Your friend here is or1ksim17:52
olofkah wait.. that IS or1k-elf-sim17:52
PaulfraOSAAThe problem is I keep getting ERR: 8-bit program load out of memory area: ${count++}17:55
olofkYeah, that's probably because of the stupid default settings. Are you using a config file?17:56
olofkor1k-elf-sim -f <config file> <elf>17:56
olofkThere is a reasonable default file in the linux tree for example17:56
PaulfraOSAAYes, but it should be using the default config file right? And that should be the -mboard=or1ksim one, or am I mistaken?17:56
olofkNo, that should be the correct mboard parameter. I think that it's default though so you can skip it for or1ksim17:57
PaulfraOSAAWell, apparently I can't ;)17:58
olofkBut what does your or1ksim config file look like? Could you paste it?17:58
PaulfraOSAAotoh, I can't find any config files at all17:58
olofkI'll give you one17:58
PaulfraOSAAoh, why didn't i figure _that_ one out myself XD18:00
olofkPaulfraOSAA: Have you considered joining us at orconf in Munich btw?18:02
PaulfraOSAAOK, that really hit the spot, now I just need to figure out how to generate one for the lx9_microboard18:02
PaulfraOSAAMy gf went to Munich for the geocaching event, the travel time seems... prohibitive18:03
PaulfraOSAAbtw I'm just learning, maybe a developer conference is a bit over the top right now :)18:03
olofkPaulfraOSAA: Yeah, haven't checked the travel time. Thought it would be a breeze from København.18:04
olofkBut we usually run a workshop which has been a quite popular way to get people up to speed with the tools18:04
PaulfraOSAAEven more from Århus (where I'm situated), but still.18:05
olofkBut to answer your previous question. You could probably use the board file for ordb2a for example18:05
olofkThe file mostly specifies which uart driver to use for stdio, and the hw base address for it18:06
PaulfraOSAAI started reading up on makefiles today, it reminded me of a JFK quote, that also comes in handy here: "We choose to do this, not because it is easy; but because it is hard"18:06
olofkmake love not war18:06
olofkMy first attempt at doing what later became FuseSoC was completely based on makefiles. I gave up after about a year and redid it from scratch18:07
olofkstekern: Have you tested the improved writer in hw?18:11
PaulfraOSAAIt seems a workable simulation file is also available in or1ksim source folder :)18:17
olofkAh yes. Didn't think of that :)18:19
PaulfraOSAAIt seems it shoud be possible to get most of those values from the configuration used by fusesoc, shouldn't it be a part of the build process? (He said expecting to get told that it is open source and he should go do it)18:21
olofkNo, you're right. Just hasn't been done yet18:22
olofkDevice tree generation is another thing that could be done with that18:23
olofkBut then it needs to be more expressive, and I don't really want to implement a new complicated format. Might do it the other way around instead and use device trees for input18:24
stekernolofk: no, not yet18:28
stekernI can do a build now18:28
stekernor did you mean my changes? if so, yes18:29
olofkCool. I meant your changes18:29
olofkUpdating the testbench to match your main.c behaviour18:30
olofkWhat would be really cool is if I could use that directly18:30
olofkLike embedding or1ksim in the simulation18:31
olofkMaybe I should do a PhD. They seem to have time to do all kinds of shit18:32
* olofk misses memory allocation from VHDL right now18:34
olofkAdded basic IRQ support in the tb now. Works fine18:39
olofkstekern: Pushed now. Could you just take a quick look at the test_main task in the tb and see if that's how it's supposed to be used18:49
PaulfraOSAAIf I were to simulate my own peripheral, I would do something like the generic section and just look at what adresses got written to?18:49
olofkPaulfraOSAA: In or1ksim?18:50
olofkI haven't done that, so I'm unsure how to use it18:50
PaulfraOSAAOk, I guess I'll find out when the time comes then18:50
olofkOne problem would be how to respond to reads of course18:50
olofkI would start with doing pure RTL simulations in icarus or modelsim. We have BFMs to simulate wishbone transfers18:52
olofkWhich happens to be exactly what I've been using in the new wb_stremer testbench18:52
stekernolofk: looks right to me18:58
stekernyou should change REG_ENABLE to REG_CSR or something though18:58
olofkstekern: Control Status Register?19:00
olofkmakes sense19:05
stekernI realised you might want to have an interrupt-enable bit in there too19:05
stekernif the irq sink is unable to do masking itself19:06
olofkYou can still use polling then, right?19:06
stekernyes, you can still use that with the irq enabled but masked out in the (or1k) PIC too19:07
olofkOptions are great, except for when you want to add tests for them :)19:08
stekerneither by polling the irq bit or the busy bit19:08
olofkSo, I'm thinking about pushing a mor1kx-2.2.core to orpsoc-cores. Any reasons not to?19:09
olofkmor1kx tracking master will still be there19:09
stekernno, I think that makes sense19:10
olofkI think that most systems except for mor1kx-generic could depend on that as well19:10
stekernI agree19:11
olofkShould we enable FEATURE_ROR in mor1kx-generic?19:14
stekernsure, we can do that19:30
stekernI think as much as possible should be enabled in mor1kx-generic19:31
olofkMe too19:31
PaulfraOSAAWhat does the m stand for? more or minimal?19:31
olofkI'm running through all the or1k-tests with mor1kx-generic in icarus now19:31
stekernPaulfraOSAA: it's supposed to be pronounced moron-ekx19:33
PaulfraOSAAo.. k...19:34
stekernwithout the m, that coincident wouldn't be fun ;)19:34
olofkNamed after it's authors :)19:34
stekernmore seriously, I think it was meant to mean modular19:34
stekernbut more and minimal fits as well19:35
olofkjuliusb is terrible with coming up names :)19:35
PaulfraOSAAOk, then the ROR should be an installable module ;)19:35
stekernit's completely cloud-based19:35
PaulfraOSAAolofk: Is it by design that your lx9_tb.v contains just about nothing?19:36
stekernolofk's idea19:36
olofkPaulfraOSAA: Most test cases we run are just elf files19:36
olofkSo test benches mostly contain BFM models for the external peripherals and a way to load an elf file19:37
olofkIn the lx9 case I think it's only a RAM model19:37
olofkstekern: The following testcases appeared to get stuck with mor1kx-generic. alignillegalinsn, intmulticycle, inttickloop, intloop, intsyscall, tickrfforward19:38
PaulfraOSAAok, I'm looking into what it would take to add uart, just as an exercise. And I just stumbled upon it.19:38
stekernolofk: yes, but we don't have the int generator in mor1kx-generic, do we?19:39
olofkYeah, I suspect that's the case for the int* test cases at least19:39
stekernalignillegalinsn... hmm... let me check that one19:40
stekernoh... I think I need/want to finish _florent_'s patches before I test that19:41
olofkYeah, that's probably more important19:42
stekerncool, seems like you are now able to invite people to github teams you are a member of without intervention from an owner19:45
olofkThat's handy for projects where team leaders just disappear19:46
stekernor maybe even members can just invite other people19:46
olofkhmm.. doess gcc optimize pure asm code?19:46
stekernyes and no19:46
olofkThe trace log (and objdump) shows an l.sfne instruction, but that's nowhere in the asm code19:47
olofkahh.. I missed some #include's19:48
stekernaha, you mean an .S file?19:48
stekernthen only no19:48
olofkhmm.. trace looks very weird19:54
stekernolofk: alignillegalinsn makes assumptions about dbus error exceptions that's not valid19:55
olofkeither mor1kx executes the same instruction twice, or the monitor gets confused somewhere19:55
stekernthe monitor definetely get confused... it needs some rework19:55
olofkInternal pipeline changes?19:55
olofk...that causes confusion19:56
stekernI think I never got it fully working with mor1kx of late19:56
stekernerr cappuccino of late I mean19:57
olofkIt's a really handy tool, but I understand that it's a bit messy to sync it to the RTL19:57
stekernof late == after I changed juliusb's initial 4 stage implementation19:57
olofkThat's like sometime in the early lateies19:58
stekerniow, I never got it fully working with cappuccino, because it expects that everything is done by the end of execute stage19:58
stekernbut it probably have became even worse with the branch prediction19:59
stekernbut as long as you now that it will give duplicate instructions here and there and that the load/store results are mostly bogus, it's still useful20:00
stekernthe monitor should really just bring all info it needs all the way up to write-back and then dump the info from there20:02
stekernolofk: I'm waiting for someone to find the current situation not good enough that will fix it *hint, hint*20:04
olofkDuplicate instructions are fine, but what's up with this?20:06
olofkS 00000200: 14000000 l.nop   0x0000              flag: 120:06
olofk14000000 isn't a nop, right?20:06
stekernit's a nop, but an internal one20:06
olofkA secret extra fast nop perhaps? :)20:07
olofkIt's still not what's supposed to be at 0x200 though20:07
stekernit's what get's pushed into the pipeline when a bubble is created20:08
stekernso it's just exposing about too much about its internal state there20:08
stekerna little to much...20:09
stekernwhy is linkedin suggesting that I should join the "Textile, Apparel, Footwear & Fashion" group?20:10
olofkWell, I guess someone should burst that bubble because that's all I get on the last 1400 lines of the trace log until I aborted the test manually20:11
PaulfraOSAAstekern: Theyv'e been looking at your google history ;)20:11
olofkI looked up what google thinks I'm interested in. Apparently I'm a big fashionista20:11
stekernthen the million dollar question is, who's been using google on my computer then? =P20:12
* olofk steps slowly away from or1k-alignillegalinsn20:12
olofkstekern: You got designer in your title. I got that as well and keep getting all kinds of unrelated suggestions20:13
stekernI will just assume that my wife is to blame here (she blames me for everything else, so it's just fair)20:13
PaulfraOSAAOk, late. Hopefully I'll be able to look further into adding peripherals during the weekend.20:14
olofkPaulfraOSAA: You know where to find us20:14
PaulfraOSAAWill documenting it on our hackerspace's wikipage be good, or is there some better place to throw it up? (as long as it's not the opencores website, that looks as if stuff is really thrown up)20:15
olofkPaulfraOSAA: That's fine. The OpenCores wiki is where we keep stuff like this, but I understand why you don't want to use it20:22
olofkJust send us a link and we'll add it to the relevant places20:23
olofkLike on my awesome blog (
olofkpoke53282: Next ID Software challenge! Commander Keen just got open sourced
olofkOh, and I read this earlier today. Makes our doom port look a bit bleak
poke53282Yes, I read this news too. But well. To run it on such a printer is more easy than on OpenRISC.20:26
poke53282Here it took 15 years of combined effort.20:27
poke53282Commander Keen uses assembler. At least it looks like.20:27
poke53282Do you want to port it?20:27
olofkFrom x86 assembler? No fucking way!20:27
poke53282The x86 instruction set is not so bad. Just an April fool that become serious. And the developers still laugh about us.20:30
poke53282But hey, the whole instruction sets fits in 4kb of C source.20:32
poke53282I can't find the data.20:35
poke53282for this guess.20:35
poke53282Let me guess. This is not open source20:35
olofkI should dig through my floppy archive20:35
poke53282No, the problem that I can't publish this if we manage make it work.20:36
stekernpoke53282: isn't the data here?
poke53282the sizes if the files are around 1Kb.20:43
olofkThe readme file is a bit confusing20:43
olofkIs the stuff in static just a subset of the data files?20:44
olofkThat's it for tonight20:46
olofkpoke53282: Any news about your potential appearance at orconf?20:46
poke53282Soon. Would I get a slot for a presentation?20:47
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 6 new commits to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 23ef129 Florent Kermarrec: code clean up: remove trailing whitespaces20:48
mor1kxmor1kx/master 8df4ef3 Florent Kermarrec: code clean up: remove empty lines at end of files20:48
mor1kxmor1kx/master 51c986a Florent Kermarrec: mor1kx_execute_alu: remove unneeded resets on divider and multiplier20:48
olofkpoke53282: Yes, we still got slots. Just let us know when you know20:48
olofkhaha. I read a statement from the DooM printer guy.20:49
olofkMr Jordon has no plans to fine tune the demonstration and do that optimisation or take on more work to get the game beyond its loading screen, given how much trouble it took to get it working at all.20:50
olofk"I'm so sick of it," he said. "I'm done."20:50
olofkI know the feeling :)20:50
olofkNow I'm done for tonight20:50
poke53282good night20:57
stekernamazing, I've actually done everything I had planned doing tonight21:11
--- Log closed Wed Sep 17 00:00:56 2014

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