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stekernpoke53281: yes, but the problem is what to do with that info?02:46
stekernand the response:
stekernpoke53281: ah, I though you were using the smp branch of blueCmd, since that's the one that's the default one02:49
stekernI can tell you which commit fixes the problem you've been seeing:
poke53281That explains it.04:46
poke53281crazy rare side effect04:47
stekernyeah, what happens is that you'll get a pagefault loop. where a zero page is mapped ro and the write should swap in the real page06:23
stekernbut since the write isn't recognized as a write, the swap never occurs06:24
sseitzhi guys! that weekend i've desperately tried to build a working kernel for jor1k. I tried virtually all available buildchains and defconfig with proposed changes as well as config changes via educated guesses... By now I've got ~ 30 kernels from 3.1 upto 3.15 ... Unfortunately not one single kernel boots :/ could some one give me some hints which magic should be added?09:14
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poke53281yes, the correct dts file :)15:55
poke53281But the standard kernel should also run if you take the safekernel.15:57
poke53281Change the line "this.ChangeCore("asm", false);" in system.js to  this.ChangeCore("safe", false);15:58
poke53281Then even the standard kernels should run.15:58
poke53281The asm.js core needs a special patch for the kernel for hardware tlb lookup. Therefore only the kernels from my toolchain schould run.16:01
poke53281I am sorry for the difficulties you had. But even for me it is not easy. Had to change again the kernel this weekend because of bugs. But this one should be stable. :)16:03
sseitzah i see. shoudnt' it be enough to take the patches from your buildchain? .. anyway I'll try that again and keep my git updated :D thanks so far!16:03
poke53281If you stay in the chat while you try to build my toolchain I can help you.16:03
sseitzgreat :) by now I have to join a meeting right now but I'll try to get back later on ... say about 3-4 hours.16:05
poke53281I cannot guarantee anything. In principle I have now 8 hours of working time left and probably 1-3 meetings today.16:16
poke53281And a lunch of course.16:16
poke53281So I am not sure. If you are lucky I will be the whole time at the computer. But no guarantee.16:17
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