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poke53281n2nn: With the newest patch I hope you never have to ask again where to find how to start doom. Try it.01:52
n2nnguys/gals, do you think the softcores, especially the OR, will become faster with time? iirc the mork1 excels out at 100mhz. Do you think it may be twice or triple that in some years?07:42
stekernn2nn, that mostly depends on FPGA technology07:43
stekernthere's still room for optimizations with mor1kx, but it's still limited by the hardware07:44
n2nnbut in theory, that could be possible? the OR is not limited by itself, but just because of the fpga?07:44
n2nnokok, thanks :-)07:44
sb0n2nn, or1k and lm32 are ~83MHz on slowtan6. on kintex7, lm32 is 200MHz and or1k 155MHz08:36
n2nnthanks! :) helps me get a feel, and i learned about the nick for the spartan in the process :)08:42
stekernthat would also make a good name for a sunscreen08:42
stekernsb0: is it vivado or ise that is used to build the kintex7 board?08:43
n2nnman ... those kintex7 devboards are expensive :/08:43
sb0vivado, I haven't tried timing with ise08:43
stekernok, I'm thinking that I'll install the 30-day eval version once I've found and fixed this spinlock issue I'm currently looking at08:45
stekernthat should have support for that kintex7 fpga08:46
olofkDamn! I forgot where to find the third secret in the first level08:46
olofkBut it was fun. Got around 88 mips here08:46
sb0aren't the smallest kintex supported by webpack?08:46
stekernyes, but then I'd need to adjust the board port08:46
stekern...which might be less painful than installing another instance of vivado08:47
olofkI haven't built binutils, gcc or any of the C libraries for quite a while now. Can/should I use upstream binutils? Are there any stable versions of the other stuff that are preferred to use rather than the master HEAD?08:59
stekernyes. not sure.08:59
olofkAnd will I miss out on something (say atomics) by using slightly older versions08:59
stekernyes, but if you'll miss it depends on what you're going to do09:03
stekernbut use binutils from upstream and HEAD from everything09:21
olofkcool. Thanks09:32
olofkhmm... *** BFD does not support target or1k-unknown-elf. ?09:48
olofkGot that when I tried to compile binutils 2.2409:48
olofkhmmm... only openrisc and or32 are valid targets in binutils 2.24 according to config.bfd.09:56
olofkahh.. there hasn't been a stable release with openrisc yet, right?09:56
olofkDo they have a release schedule btw?09:58
stekernnot sure, do they have anything on their homepages?10:13
stekernlooking at previous releases, typical release interval seems to be 1/year around nov-dec10:16
n2nnguys, i struggle siche in dont know what devboard to get, not into electronic stuff that much ... more of a programmer ... do you think i can compile programs for the mor1kx or OR target, and get them running later on?10:37
n2nn[on that actual device]10:38
stekernn2nn: sure, you can use or1ksim or qemu in the meanwhile10:39
n2nnthanks. did you hear the stone falling from my heart? :D10:39
n2nnwhat about  - e.g. vga - outputs then. how would I test those? Sorry, still trying to understand all those new programs.10:40
n2nn... i guess i will have no idea of those things would work ...10:43
n2nnis the OR virtual machine the way to go for mor1kx? or did it become obsolete with the last years?10:56
stekernn2nn: that's pretty much obsolete11:11
* rah just plugged in his new split keyboard :-)11:11
stekern(well written) rant about systemd:
n2nnso, i have to build my own dev enviroment, i guess - thanks for the hint :-)11:24
stekernn2nn: we'll be here to hold your hand though, so don't worry (or do just because of that) ;)11:25
* n2nn says thanks, hopes to get his ass up soon and do some softcore-programming.11:33
sb0n2nn, try this (supports both mor1kx and lm32):
* n2nn clicks11:36
n2nnah, i saw a misty one demo just yesterday11:41
sb0the original milkymist one? that was before misoc...11:43
sb0where was that? :)11:44
n2nnyoutube. sorry, did not know about different versions, i just stumbled upon it while searching for devboards11:53
poke53281I like systemd.16:31
olofkI didn't realize that Propeller was an 8-core 32-bit btw. That's pretty cool. Thought it was 16-bit single core16:59
blueCmdn2nn: as for your VGA, that's totally up to what you want to do. if you want to run Linux you would use the framebuffer or X/Wayland17:01
blueCmdn2nn: poke53281 has an emulator with graphics output showcasing that (using qemu)17:02
olofkThere are also patches from stekern to add VGA output to or1ksim. I promised about two years ago to clean them up and submit them17:04
poke53281VGA output? which Linux driver?17:07
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olofkpoke53281: Not sure. It's for the VGA/LCD controller. Probably the framebuffer driver19:00
olofkocfb maybe...19:00
poke53281Ok, but this I am already using.19:10
olofkYes, I guess that's the same one19:25
olofkhmm.. should really --disable-shared be passed to gcc?19:36
olofkI thought that disabled shared objects19:38
stekernwhat toolchain are you building?19:48
olofkI would assume newlib. Just blindly following instructions here
olofkBut I'm not particularly picky about libc to use.19:56
stekernshared libs for the or1k-elf- toolchain wouldn't make much sense19:56
stekern_franck__: I took the liberty to just push this obvious fix to or1k-tcltools:
stekernI was too lazy to fork it and then prepare a pull-request, hope you don't mind20:07
stekernpoke53281: you didn't notice anymore problems with the binutils-gdb patch I gave you, right?20:10
stekernblueCmd: FYI20:53
olofkhmm... I'm getting errors in configure-target-libstdc++-v3 compiling gcc stage2. Is this the broken c++ support someone mentioned earlier this week?21:08
_franck__stekern: no problem21:09
-!- _franck__ is now known as _franck_21:09
olofkbtw, newlib is still our only bare-metal toolchain, and the other ones (glibc, musl, uclibc) are for linux, right?21:09
stekernolofk: yes21:12
olofkyes on the c++ thing as well?21:14
olofkI guess a config.log would make it easier to answer that :)21:14
poke53281stekern: So far not. I haven't checked X and wayland yet.21:18
poke53281gcc doesn't work in jor1k yet, but in the qemu-user emulation. So I think, this is my problem.21:20
olofkor1k-elf/libstdc++-v3/config.log ->
stekernolofk: no, no to that21:24
stekernlooks like it tries to build libstdc++ before the libc stuff is installed21:32
stekerndid you build and install newlib to /opt/openrisc?21:34
stekernolofk ^21:36
olofkstekern: Yes. I did binutils, gcc, binutils and gcc again21:43
olofkI removed c++ from enable-languages, and it works now21:43
olofkI'll redo it once more to make sure that I did second pass of binutils right21:44
olofkBut I'm quite sure I did it correctly21:45
olofkI'll look at it more tomorrow21:46
poke53281stekern: nbench also doesn't work anymore. Not even in qemu-user. There are too many problems right now, to know for sure if there is no problem with the patch.22:47
poke53281and by the way, even in qemu gcc can just stop at some point. I try to narrow it down :)23:50
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