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sb0stekern, more openrisc performance complaining: misoc/lm32 runs at 200MHz on kintex7, misoc/mor1kx 154MHz07:30
sb011 logic levels, heh07:35
stekernsb0: hmm, can't say I can directly even identify what path that would be, it looks odd going out from tag_ram to execute_opc_alu and then back to tag_ram09:50
stekernbut maybe it's just xilinx tools combining logic that makes signals name non-obvious09:51
poke53282arghh, spend three hours to implement the tar format. Two hours just to figure out, that the size is given in octal.17:26
litbhello all folks19:09
litbstekern, i found you have written a gcc backend for eco32^^ some former study colleague and me too did that in the past: . fun19:13
stekernlitb: hello, I didn't do the one they have from scratch, I just fixed it up a bit19:27
litbohh i see :)19:28
stekernI did however port Linux and a simple 6-stage implementation for it from scratch ;)19:30
litbstekern, oh cool19:54
stekernI love this comment:;a=blob;f=bfd/elf32-ppc.c;h=e20e804ce7e27bf5363ba3fddb02bc384fbb060b;hb=HEAD#l441020:12
stekernso... can DEF_REGULAR be cleared or not?20:12
blueCmd < better link20:40
blueCmd(it's swedish so.. non-swedish beware)20:40
stekernblueCmd: even though "Radiokocken Per-Ove griljerar skinka" is fun, I've got a feeling that's not the clip you wanted to link to?20:44
blueCmdstekern: that was indeed that I wanted to link to20:46
* stekern is confused20:48
stekernwhy does sveriges radios website suck so bad?20:49
stekernfor example, if you go to a program site, like this:
stekernthen scroll down, press 'visa fler' (show more), and then click on an 'article', and then press back20:53
stekernyou'll get back to the first page, not the page that was 'showing more'20:54
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