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stekernah, CONFIG_FIXED_PHY05:39
stekernblueCmd: we do have redzone05:42
stekernbut we also leave it enabled for the kernel05:43
stekern...and of course there are no device tree bindings for that...06:08
stekernolofk: lgtm, wanna do a real commit and pull req for that?06:17
stekernminor nit, add a space after //06:18
olofkstekern: Will do07:15
olofkFantastic forum thread :),Cores,0,5410,007:19
stekernyeah, it'd be a lost to humanity if the opencores forums didn't exist...08:56
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olofkJust discovered synflow. One day I will have to try all of those high-level HDL efforts09:13
olofkI think all of these new languages that use verilog as an intermediate language would benefit from my idea of creating a small subset of verilog for generated code09:16
blueCmdstekern: oh, I never seen it being generated I think, good to know10:33
blueCmdstekern: have you tried building gcc with enable-multilib ?10:59
stekernyes, it fails iirc11:37
stekernblueCmd: what do you mean, generated?12:07
stekernhere is where it's accounted for in the kernel:
blueCmdstekern: "generated" as in I never seen accesses that are negative except when I cock up12:18
blueCmdfrom gcc that is12:19
stekernyeah, they'd only happen in leaf functions12:25
stekerneither I'm stupid or this mac->phy connection system in Linux is just a big f*cking mess12:27
stekerncould be both too12:28
stekernbah, I give up, I would have already written a fake phy in the amount of time I've wasted on this12:54
stekernand it won't work out of the box anyway, so I'd need to carry patches for it..12:54
blueCmdstekern: "Warning: Int on line 2 pending: ignored15:07
blueCmdthese lock-ups are weird15:07
blueCmdcan I dump state in or1ksim somehow while it's running?15:08
blueCmdI guess there would be some fancy command for the "(sim)" prompt15:08
blueCmdI always manage to crash or1ksim when using that though15:08
blueCmdweird, I mean that's supposed to be in usermode so clearly things are alive. running "trace" and just watching the PC it jumps between being inside and outside of 0xc000000015:13
stekernwhat are you doing when you get the lock-up?15:21
stekernand that warning comes from or1ksim15:21
stekern...if you didn't know15:21
olofkHi! I just invented a new language. It allows you to do assignments from variables that don't exist and you won't get any warnings16:25
olofkIt's like the best feature ever16:25
blueCmdstekern: yes, I guessed it did16:28
blueCmdstekern: at that time I tried opening 8 SSH sessions to the simulator at the same time16:28
blueCmdstekern: FYI16:38
stekernolofk: I've got a name for it, let's call it verilog!16:52
stekernblueCmd: 8 ssh sessions, ambitous ;)16:56
stekernI don't even have ssh in my test-setup, so I can't try16:56
blueCmdstekern: do you run "make check" on binutils before submitting patches?16:58
blueCmdI always get failures so I don't know if I do it correctly :P16:58
olofkblueCmd: Try make check > /dev/null17:26
olofkMaking some progress with my Wishbone stream writer. It seems to read from a FIFO and generate wb transactions fine now17:27
olofkAnd I got a pair of handy FIFO BFM's in the process17:29
olofkSo just give me a FIFO and I will verify the shit out of it17:30
blueCmdolofk: are you dumping wishbone traffic?18:04
olofkblueCmd: No, but writing a monitor is on my TODO list :)18:12
olofkI'm writing a core that takes a data stream from a FIFO interface and writes to a memory area over wishbone18:12
blueCmdah ok18:15
poke53281blueCmd: My "Hello world" filesystem works. A tmpfs-type filesystem written in Javascript18:35
blueCmdpoke53281: well, as I told you - everything works for me, I just get random lockups after a while18:55
olofkJust read this : Has anyone tried to run DooM on OpenRISC?19:08
stekernI compiled SDL doom, but never got it to run.19:11
poke53281but sooner or later I will try it again19:13
stekernyeah, we need some new 90's game to show off at orconf19:13
stekernwe can't break that tradition19:14
stekernat orconf2012 we had 2d bump map19:14
stekernat orconf2013, day of the tentacle19:15
poke53281hmm, I have my c64 emulator somewhere, which runs in the terminal. We can try some nice text adventures.19:15
poke53281dosbox might be possible to compile19:16
poke53281But I guess, you didn't show Day of the Tentacle with sound.19:21
olofkBut the ac97 core works ok on the Atlys though, right?19:22
stekernI tried running it with sound, but it didn't really work19:22
olofkOtherwise I would talk to the maintainer about that19:22
stekernolofk: yes19:22
stekernI wanna do that OPL2 clone though19:22
olofkThat requires a full synth, right?19:23
stekernmmm, what would the alternative be, a half synth?19:24
blueCmdone should make an open-source z10 on an FPGA19:37
blueCmdI forgot how long time it takes to compile gcc inside qemu-user19:41
blueCmdstekern: s390-ish, it's the IBMs Mainframe stuff19:48
blueCmdpretty sure a lot of companies only keep them around because they have ancient programs on them19:49
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