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olofkderRichard: Is there any specific information about that board you're looking for?11:45
olofkstekern: Good job putting the arch spec on github. It's a bit of a pain when you can't reach it because is down11:46
wallentostekern: i could need a helping hand with the coherency. its somewhere in the interplay of the cpu, lsu and cache12:34
wallentoon writes12:34
wallentoi can provide you an elf and the exact time stamp12:34
wallentomaybe you can help me as you know this part way better12:34
juliusbstekern: what are you using for mor1kx development lately? the FuseSoC mor1kx-generic environment?13:18
* juliusb applaudes stekern for the mor1kx v2.1 release, btw13:18
juliusbI'll be sure to announce it this weekend at EHSM13:19
juliusbsb0: saw that, thanks very much for putting me on Saturday13:25
sb0what's the status of the FPU support in HDL and LLVM/GCC toolchains?16:01
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stekernwallento: you've been eluding me a couple of times here, I had a couple of things to say:21:56
stekern1) your prioritize clear of atomic_reserve before set patch, I had noticed that too, but had forgot to push the patch that fixes it21:57
stekernI had a couple of other local changes lying around as well21:58
stekernbut since you had a nice commit message for it I picked your patch instead21:58
stekernand then merged in my changes21:58
stekern2) a couple of changes to 'main' mor1kx broke the trace port, but I've merged that and fixed what broke21:59
stekern3) along with a small whitespace cleanup I've pushed that to a 'multicore' branch at:
stekernand 4) I have a failure in the coherency stuff I'm investigating at the moment, it looks fairly un-subtle, but if you have some small testcase that fails, I'd be happy to take a look at that as well22:02
stekernjuliusb: fusesoc and
stekernor1k-tests are currently the old mor1kx-devenv tests with a slightly ad-hoc Makefile to build them standalone22:06
stekernI've got an even more ad-hoc .sh to run the built tests, and I think olofk did a slightly more advanced .py script to do something similar. they should be relatively easy to find in the IRC logs I think ;)22:07
stekernolofk: yeah, I actually needed to open it here on my laptop at the summer cottage, so I figured if I needed to transfer it from my ws at home, I could as well just do it via github ;)22:11
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