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daliasstekern, hey03:25
daliasstekern, any news on musl port?03:25
wallentothere must be a silly mistake in there, maybe you can review it12:10
kyrre_In Or1ksim: is there any know issues about two interrupt sources calling report_interrupt during the same instruction cycle?12:40
kyrre_Or a problem with two identical calls in adding the same task to the scheduling queue?12:51
kyrre_because i have to remove the call to raise an exception before scheduling another... in  report_interrupts(), in pic/pic.c12:52
kyrre_with out removing the call from the queue, my program dives into a loop, looping on the ext interrupt exception12:54
wallentostekern: with the two fixes from today my basic test passes now (hello world from multicore plus some shared counters, but unfortunately only with the extra snoop tag memory, maybe the issue is in the LSU interfacing13:44
mor1kx[mor1kx] wallento opened pull request #14: LSU: Fix bug with lwa and snoop of same address (master...master)
wallentoplus that one14:20
wondiwshi blueCmd :)16:00
wondiwsI was here a month ago trying to get OpenRisc going on my DE2, something came in between, now I want to give it another go. Have things changed?16:03
wondiwsI remembered there was a fusesoc repository, but I can't find it anymore16:03
blueCmdwondiws: I don't think things have changed much, olofk is your man!16:09
wondiwsfusesoc is on his github now, yes16:11
wondiwsI think that is a change though16:11
wondiwsor maybe it isn't :p16:12
wondiwsok got it, I'll try if de1 will build16:17
wondiwsby the way: is NIOS2 a forbidden word in this channel? :p16:21
wondiwshi olofk20:23
wondiwsanyone in here?21:41
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson closed pull request #14: LSU: Fix bug with lwa and snoop of same address (master...master)
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