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mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 1 new commit to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 941e772 Stefan Kristiansson: cappuccino/decode_execute: fix copy-paste error...11:27
sb0did this error cause incorrect cpu operation?11:30
stekernyes, but I don't think the situation could ever arise in single-core setups11:33
kyrre_Hi, I'm having trouble understanding what the true function of line[60:71](  in exec_main is doing. exec_main, the main execution loop in or1ksim. Anyone that can help me understand the purpose of registring a trap execption h13:38
kyrre_hm... so the stall is to enter the rsp handling part on the next iteration of the loop13:41
stekernkyrre_: perhaps you knew, but l.trap instructions are used to create software breakpoints14:19
kyrre_ive noticed that it had something to do with it, but im still unable to wrap my head around why a trap is issued every cycle14:20
kyrre_i would think it should be sent during cpu_clock, where theres a check for breakpoints14:20
stekernumm, it only does it when the ST (Single step Trace) flag is set in DMR114:23
kyrre_ye, ah... think i understand now14:23
kyrre_that register is only set when you use step or stepi from GDB then?14:23
kyrre_i should have explored that path further :)14:24
stekernyes, that would be the high level command that would in the end set that flag14:25
kyrre_cool, thanks :)14:27
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