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stekern_franck__: heh, I bet that can be confusing if you don't know ;)03:50
stekernwas it that that killed your mem-controller, or was it just a red herring?03:50
stekernnobody can accuse me for not writing verbose commit messages at least, the latest orpsoc-cores pull-request has a 10/1 lines commit message/changed code04:24
stekernolofk will be happy, I have qsys support in the quartus backend now, so I'll be able to upstream the sockit port soon too07:22
_franck__stekern: I found the problem in my memory controller now. This self modifying code was just a false alert11:11
_franck__stekern: do you know how to change hsync_len, right_margin, etc.. from the bootargs string ?11:12
stekernbootargs string?11:52
stekernah, you mean from the kernel args?11:53
_franck__bootargs = "console=tty0 console=uart,mmio,0x90000000,115200 video=ocfb:800x480-16@60";11:53
stekernyou can't11:53
stekernor, I mean, you can't set them directly there, only use the string like you show there11:54
stekernthe alternative would be to support the device-tree bindings for it, but that's not implemented (at least not yet)11:55
stekernso, yes, if you have some "non-vesa" resolution, it's not going to pick it up right11:56
_franck__ok, I'll hard code my values to make it work for now11:56
stekernyeah, that's what I did on the de0_nano as well ;)11:57
_franck__ah, endianess problem here :)12:02
_franck__I should use your upstreamed driver12:02
_franck__ok it works now, however I have a lot of flicker at 800x480 16bpp12:06
stekernyeah, there are a lot of other bugfixes in the upstream one12:15
stekernis that together with mor1kx?12:17
stekernbecause, I get a lot of flicker on de0_nano after I put the storebuffer in there12:17
stekernmor1kx is too good at stealing bw...12:18
_franck__yes I'm using the mor1kx12:18
stekerniirc, I tried to hack in a bit fairness in wb_sdram_ctrl, but it never improved to the point where there would be no flicker12:19
_franck__I don't know if the cpu don't write the fb fast enough or the vga core reading it fast enough12:20
_franck__is it possible to activate double buffering in linux fb ?12:20
stekernoh, it's the vga core that don't get enough bw12:20
stekernnah, that's another future improvement12:21
_franck__like having two frame buffer and switch during vertical blanking12:21
_franck__ok I'll work on this later. I now have to watch "plane" on TV with my son ;)12:22
stekernI doubt that double buffering will help for this particular problem though.12:26
stekernah, Planes... it was like watching Cars, but with...Planes12:27
stekernquartus_asm, go home, you're drunk...16:31
_franck__no, double buffering won't solve this problem as I have flicker on static images17:10
blueCmdstekern: if you're gonne fail, fail by doing rando m stuff23:19
olofkYeah! fusesoc is getting it's first decorator :)23:28
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