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blueCmd build all the packages!00:51
trsohmersolofk: jeremy_bennett juliusb_ any of you guys here?03:24
stekernblueCmd: ah, yes, please!05:44
stekernI've got a rudimentary ise builder now08:53
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_franck__stekern: I'm reusing the vga_lcd core and adapt it to my altera neek board LCD. It has an onboard CPLD so I only need a part of the vga_lcd core.22:04
_franck__Now I have some questions22:04
_franck__I set up a test bench to start the frame buffer. I configured the core with the linux driver default values (640x480 24bpp)22:05
_franck__I was expecting the wb master to read byte from address offset 0 --> 0x921600 (640x480x3)22:06
_franck__however it goes from 0 --> 0xF618022:10
_franck__any idea ?22:10
_franck__ok it uses VTIM and HTIM which include margin22:15
_franck__no it's not...22:17
_franck__---> copy/paste error in tb while configuring registers. You can close this issue :)22:19
blueCmdpoke53281: re: an email you sent in october 201322:48
blueCmdI'm going to submit a patch that adds or1knd to config.sub and openrisc to config.guess22:49
blueCmdalso, we should probably add -rdynamic to gcc23:18
blueCmdstekern: we now have 'beep'
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