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julzmbblueCmd: Im taking a verification course and the02:15
julzmbbig project is to develop a testbench for this core02:15
stekernquartus is not my friend anymore, it manages to come up with that 'mem' is "asynchronously read in this and thus fails to infer it as RAM:
olofkjulzmb: a testbench for xge_mac?07:29
blueCmdjulzmb: xge_mac?08:54
blueCmdthat's awesome08:55
blueCmdstekern: weird08:57
LoneTechstekern: Altera seem to have had some trouble with inferring read enables, some old but helpful results at
stekernyeah, the funny part is that it depends on what I hook up to the read port09:42
stekernand the place where it have problems with it, the read-enable is tied to 109:42
LoneTechprobably a couple of layers of optimization interfering with each other and generating ever so helpful messages09:44
stekernyeah, my suspicion as well09:44
LoneTechperhaps if it was told that it may not move that register?09:46
LoneTechsomething like reg [] rdata /* synthesis preserve */; might make the second optimization stop merging things. then again, it might also prevent it being absorbed by the blockram. I haven't tried it09:48
blueCmdolofk: atlys (xilinx) with fusesoc, yay or nay currently?19:41
blueCmdbasic recog says nay19:41
_franck_blueCmd: fusesoc doesn't support Xilinx tools for now20:15
blueCmd_franck_: ack20:24
julzmbolofk, blueCmd: Yeah It already has a good OOP SV testbench so this is mostly an academic exercise20:48
olofkjulzmb: No testbench is good enough ;)21:02
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_franck_olofk: what do you think of having *all* sections in ?21:33
_franck_I did some test with verilog section:
_franck_so we could remove and vpi.py21:34
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