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stekernolofk: it's done, sans working sim environment03:24
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stekernolofk: it's done, sans working sim environment03:25
stekern(don't know if you saw the first, netsplits)03:25
stekernI could submit it in the weekend if you want, I've soiled my version with the sublime synth stuff, I probably want to remove that before submitting.03:27
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stekernwhat's wrong with verilator that it can't handle functions like this:
olofk_stekern: That looks like the function in my wb_arbiter that I rewrote. Can't remember exactly what happened, but I debugged the generated C++ code and realized that it got stuck in an infinite loop somewhere deep down07:32
olofk_Don't know if newer versions work better07:32
stekernyeah, no, newer version doesn't work better07:33
olofk_And yes, I'm interested in the SoCKIT port. Someone asked for VGA support, and I realized that it is the only fusesoc system that uses VGA07:33
olofk_jeremy_bennett: has said that he's interested in bug reports07:33
olofk_It should be quite easy to isolate that to a test case07:33
stekernyup, I'll take a closer look at it and add a bug report to the verilator issue tracker07:34
stekernI have one of those in my eco32f implementation too07:34
olofk_I have a vague memory that it was because a signal that was used in the always block was written to, so it called itself infinitely, but I can't really remember07:35
stekernI have another, very similar function in another place in eco32f, that works though07:35
olofk_ah yes. The eco32 port is interesting as well so that we can show the broad range of processors supported by fuessoc :)07:35
olofk_Hmm... that's interesting07:35
stekernbut it has a disticnt "default, not found" value, a bit like your workaround (I think)07:36
olofk_You might be onto something there07:38
stekernlooking closer at my function in wb_sdram_ctrl, that actually seems broken...07:39
stekernit can return with ff1 undefined07:39
stekernI have some improvements to the verilator testbench as well07:44
stekernlike gracefully exiting on ctrl-c and $finish()07:44
stekernthe ctrl-c thing always annoyed me in the mor1kx-devenv testbench07:45
stekernyup, adding an initial ff1 = 0; before that foor loop fixes it07:46
olofk_stekern: Hmm... I'm pretty sure I did that in my wb_arbiter08:00
olofk_Maybe that has been fixed in verilator since I wrote that code08:06
stekernhmm, ok08:29
stekernat least this works with the latest verilator zip:
stekernand this too:
olofk_Yeah, they both look very similar.09:12
blueCmdolofk_: - thats how aarch64 did it09:37
olofk_Fair enough. Are you interested in chopping up the code into patches?09:42
jeremy_bennettolofk_: Bug reports are indeed to be welcomed. Bugzilla is your friend.09:42
blueCmdolofk_: yeah I can do that09:43
blueCmdolofk_: do you have the set of names that have touch the files?09:44
olofk_blueCmd: Sure. Where do you want them?09:47
blueCmdolofk_: email me them09:47
blueCmdolofk_: is it true that or1k.opc is contributed by Red Hat?09:54
blueCmdit says so in 'cpu/or1k.opc'09:54
olofk_How the fuck should I know?09:54
olofk_oh... maybe I should have spotted that when I went through the patch09:54
olofk_Hmm.. might need to dig deeper there09:55
blueCmdolofk_: haha yes :)09:55
olofk_woohoo!! A response from binutils13:54
olofk_And I got a mail from a RTEMS guy who has a student doing an OpenRISC port for GSoC. He's looking for a mentor. Anyone interested?14:00
olofk_I'll forward it to the lists14:00
blueCmdolofk_: this is really good news!20:03
blueCmdolofk_: I volounter to be the maintainer if somebody else doesn't feel strongly against that20:04
wkoszekCan we e-mail GSOC and ask them why OpenRISC didn't qualify?20:31
blueCmdwkoszek: I can ask a coworker on monday21:38
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