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olofk_The binutils guys still haven't responded. They're probably old and slow. More like has-been-utils09:15
stekernoh, lord... =)09:54
olofk_franck__: I think I have come up with an ok s(but not perfect) olution for the tooÃl-specific dependency problems, but I think it might conflict with your stuff. Could you take a look at this and see if it makes sese18:26
olofkI wanted to get some second opinion before I apply it and it's easier to do a pastie than a stupid git branch :)18:36
_franck__olofk: does your patch works as this ? Don't you need that before:
olofk_franck__: Yes. That patch is needed to make it work on all simulators. I applied it just a few minutes ago, btw21:08
_franck__because for example, in getattr(self._cores[core], self.tool)['depend'].split() --> core.modelsim doesn't exist for now21:08
_franck__ah ok21:08
olofkBut with your patch applied, I can try my patch with all the simulators21:09
olofkHmm... That patch from Jose btw. Isn't that fixed with your "utils: fix error message printing in run()" patch?21:12
olofkOr is that another problem?21:12
_franck__that's what I was thinking but he told me it is something else but I didn't look closer21:13
_franck__your patch works fine with all simulators21:17
_franck__did you see the message on the forum about "orpsoc sim generic" ? indeed, it's broken21:18
olofk_franck__: I haven't seen the message, but yes, that is really broken. Maybe it's best to just remove it21:19
_franck__I think so21:20
olofkAnd thanks for testing with all sims. I'll push a patch soon21:22
olofkgeneric removed21:25
olofkI wonder why I always get the forum messages so late21:26
_franck__sent you a pull request for elf-loader21:28
_franck__some missing headers in vpi_wrapper.c21:28
olofk_franck__: Ah.. is that what I see in modelsim? Some messages about NULL being undefined21:33
_franck__it is21:34
olofkJust saw your commit message :)21:34
_franck__are we now ready for a [vhdl] section ?21:44
olofkI think we should be21:51
olofkThere might be some details that aren't decided yet, but that can probably be worked out later21:52
_franck__have you ever tried ghdl ?21:52
olofkNo, I haven't actually21:52
olofkIt's only VHDL, right?21:52
_franck__it looks like it is not active since years21:52
olofkah ok21:52
_franck__yes, I don't know much about this21:53
olofkOh well. Time to sleep now. Thanks for all the patches21:56
_franck__you're welcome, I'm going to bed too21:57
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