IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2014-03-03

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rahis there support for the or1k in vanilla gcc?09:52
rahit would appear not :-/09:53
olofk_rah: No, we haven't submitted that yet. Need to look up all contributors first10:40
olofk_Speaking of which, I'm starting to think that I have found all the binutils contributors now. How do we proceed in that case?10:43
jvv_Hi there,11:04
olofk_jvv_: Hi11:54
blueCmdjonibo: any progress on those patch reviews? ;)18:09
blueCmdolofk_: I think we should ask the binutils people that question18:09
blueCmdolofk_: I propose we send an initial email and ask how to proceed18:10
olofkblueCmd: initial email sent19:58
olofk_franck__: Just so that you know, I'm looking at your patches, but I'm a bit short on time right now. Hope to at least comment on all of them tomorrow20:40
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