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blueCmdwkoszek: by all means feel free to edit the list07:54
jeremybennettolofk: pgavin: I'd like to see the or1ksim unified, so it properly recognizes the target configuration parameter. From the emails I get, the majority of users are still with or32, so trashing the or32 branch will lead to a lot of grief.08:01
jeremybennettI've always seen the two branches as a transient thing. or1k is the correct naming, but it will take time for people to adopt.08:02
wkoszekblueCmd: opencores doesn't like me,09:30
wkoszekCan't get an access to my account there.09:30
wkoszekblueCmd: The idea which you have there are good, but need more elaborate explanation.09:30
wkoszekblueCmd: Also real name instead of nickname would bring more creditibility to the page09:31
wkoszekTrying to think what should be in the header...09:31
blueCmdwkoszek: I could write 'Christian Svensson' but nobody would know how that guy is09:57
blueCmdand yes, i'll refine those - hopefully this evening. I was jetlagged whole weekend and I had stuff to catch up on at work09:57
wkoszekI know we're not famous yet, but seeing real name/surname looks much better for official projects.10:13
wkoszekSounds good.10:13
olofk_jeremybennett: about or1ksim, I don't see this as trashing the or32 version. We still have that one at OpenCores, and I would suspect (without anything to back me up) that the or32 users who contact you, also get their code from OpenCores SVN. Is that so?11:30
-!- clopez_ is now known as clopez12:18
olofkWhy are the .eu domains so cheap?21:04
olofkAny github gurus around?21:23
olofkHa! I don't need any help. Behold the future of SoC generation at
olofkorpsoc is so last year21:50
blueCmdwe should package or1ksim for debian22:50
blueCmdwkoszek: i sprinkled some polish over some of the entries22:50
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