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wkoszekjuliusb_: Ping18:20
wkoszekAre you guys participating in GSOC 2014 and why not? :)18:21
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amswkoszek: yes, why haven't you sent a proposal?18:23
wkoszekOrganizations must apply first.19:00
wkoszekI'm rtying to understand if OpenRISC applied this year.19:00
blueCmd21 hours left21:58
blueCmdplenty of time!21:59
blueCmdams: wkoszek: 1) we have no writeup of Gsoc ideas and 2) no sponsoring company / no organization22:13
wkoszekblueCmd: I can come up with ideas now.22:17
wkoszekAnd you guys probably too.22:17
wkoszekAnd there's no organization necessary; just a project website.22:17
wkoszekSo would be your organization.22:17
blueCmdOk, good22:22
blueCmdwkoszek: do you have a profile on gsoc?22:23
blueCmdI need a backup admin22:23
wkoszekI have a FreeBSD profile somewhere there.22:29
wkoszekblueCmd: wkoszek@ should be the name.22:33
wkoszekBut we'd need some mentors from the community too.22:33
wkoszekSo if anybody does GUI/WEB development, it'd be nice, since I have ideas in these domains related with RTL/OpenCores integration.22:33
blueCmdI moved some stuff there22:39
blueCmd'No profile exists for username wkoszek@.'22:39
blueCmdwith and without @22:40
wkoszekblueCmd: OpenCores? Hm. I don't think I have account there.22:45
wkoszekblueCmd: Isn't there a Wiki somewhere?22:45
blueCmdwkoszek: I mean on gsoc22:46
blueCmdwkoszek: not that I know of, and I don't think there should be one - we have an issue of having stuff on too many places already22:47
wkoszekLogged in with account - username: wkoszek (logout)22:47
wkoszekThis is from GSoC22:47
blueCmdIMHO OpenCores is not the best platform for or1k, it's a bit confusing - but it's better than to have multiple ones.22:47
blueCmd" Please note that the user must have created a profile for the current program in order to be eligible. "22:48
blueCmdNo profile exists for username wkoszek.22:48
wkoszek ?22:50
blueCmdwkoszek: have you clicked on the button on the first page there? the create profile thing?23:42
blueCmdit's weird23:44
blueCmd23:52 < olly_> blueCmd: has he signed up for gsoc 2014 (not just created an account in melange)?23:53
blueCmd23:53 < olly_> blueCmd: if so, you'll probably need to say what his username is for anyone here to be able to help23:53
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