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joaocfernandeshello everyone i am trying to compile the toolchain, on one of the last steps , building gcc with newlib i get the following error. I would appreciate a clue:
stekernjoaocfernandes: how did you perform the earlier steps?10:05
joaocfernandesstekern, i followed the 3 previous steps on this link
stekernok, that should work10:07
joaocfernandesi already repeated them again , just to be sure if i did some mistake10:08
PowermaniacHey guys, how are you?11:19
PowermaniacI was accepted into university today!11:19
joaocfernandeswhat course?11:20
PowermaniacA Bachelor of Science, going to major and minor in Computer Science, Computer Systems and Mathematics11:21
PowermaniacNot sure which will be the major yet though.11:21
PowermaniacThis is sort of a stepping stone11:22
PowermaniacFrom there I'm thinking after a year I will transfer into either a straight computer science degree or computer engineering degree or electrical and electronic engineering degree11:22
joaocfernandesthats cool :)11:23
PowermaniacOnly recently started tossing up again which degree to end up transfering to, as I've been doing some reading and it sounds as though software/algorithms is holding back artificial intelligence whereas I was going to approach it from the hardware angle11:30
joaocfernandesstekern, it was my bad i repeated all over again and now it is working :) thanks14:59
stekernjoaocfernandes: great! I hadn't seen that before, but it could of course be a new problem. glad it got sorted out15:11
maxpalnstekern: your memory controller has proved a big help - although I ended up rewriting a lot of it :-) The Xilinx memory controller in the Spartan 6 appears handle the clock domain crossings from DDR to local bus which makes life a lot easier. Our IP doesn't offer the same ease-of-use so I have to handle the clock domain crossing and handshaking in the logic. The writes are working now and18:25
maxpalnthe reads should be straight forward though. thanks for pointing me in the right direction :-)18:25
joaocfernandesis someone working on support for the atlys board on the orpsoc ?18:53
_franck_jonmasters: I think olofk is working on adding Xilinx tools support to orpsoc20:23
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