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stekernmorning all02:40
PowermaniacWeird question: Could someone implement an open FPGA architecture on an FPGA? Or atleast could someone design an FPGA in say VHDL or Verilog and use the current tools to make a netlist of the FPGA architecture? As I've been doing some reading and it seems the industry would really like an open FPGA architecture that has an open toolchain, right?07:04
PowermaniacAgain first someone (e.g. myself would need to know how to write VHDL or Verilog) then manufacturing an open FPGA architecture I imagine is not going to be cheap let alone easy, probably the same problem as manufacturing the OpenRISC architecture07:12
PowermaniacAlthough it does give me interesting things to explore at university whenever I get in that is...=\07:12
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PowermaniacDo any of you guys know Bunnie? From bunniestudios?10:46
PowermaniacWell don't need to worry about you guys knowing Bunnie think I worked out his email...11:46
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olofkWho the hell thought that using git was a good idea?20:28
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