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jonibohappy new year, omoc!08:28
jonibohmmm... not around, I see... oh well, he'll get it in the logs! :)08:29
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jungmaHey, is there any CA SystemC or AT TLM2 model available of OR?10:45
olofk_jungma: Not really, but you can generate a systemC model of the RTL code with verilator10:48
jungmaolofk_: verilator is something like carbonizer?10:50
olofk_Haven't heard of carbonizer. Do you have a link?10:59
olofk_verilator generates cycle-accurate c++ or sysC code from synthesizable verilog. We use it quite a lot for OpenRISC verifcation as it's blazing fast compared to event-driven sims10:59
amsolofk_: nice11:13
amsolofk_: anything particular to watch out for?11:13
jungmaolofk_: that sounds good, it might be reasonable to use an OpenRISC CA core for my investigations. Are there some documents? How to create the core and how to transform it into SystemC?11:20
olofk_ams: Nothing that comes to mind11:37
amsolofk_: i am just cautious ... i suppose, found a nice little place in paris for not to much ...11:38
olofk_jungma: No specific documentation, but you can run the workflow in our SoC simulation framework (orpsocv3) and let that generate the model for you11:40
olofk_jeremybennett might have written an app note specifically for OpenRISC, and the verilator page has information on general usage11:41
jungmaolofk_: i only need the core, without any peripherals, i'll have a look, thanks for the information12:11
jungmaolofk_: yeah, i was able to convert the core and import it to synopsys' platform architect ;)15:13
olofk_jungma: Awesome. That's good to know15:29
olofk_With verilator?15:30
jungmaolofk_: yes, but it is doing nothing, first i have to write WB to TLM transactors ;)16:30
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