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stekernblueCmd: I could give you an account on oompa as a temporary solution, but it's on a slow 24/3 adsl connection09:15
stekernperhaps jonibo could arrange something on
benjamincburnsis Christian in the room?10:13
benjamincburnsblueCmd: on the off chance that you're around, do you have a second to chat re: OR1K debian?10:19
benjamincburnsNo worries - have to run to bed. I'll shoot you an e-mail.10:21
blueCmdbenjamincburns: hey!10:23
benjamincburnsOh hey10:23
blueCmdI just woke up10:23
benjamincburnsah, timezones10:23
blueCmdThey are fun aren't they?10:23
benjamincburnsOR1K Debian -- exciting stuff!10:23
benjamincburnsI'm the person who built the network support for Sebastian's jor1k project, and I presently run the web socket gateway it's using for network support10:24
blueCmdbenjamincburns: cool!10:24
benjamincburnsI'd love to give a Debian image a shot on there, and if it works nicely, I'd *really* love to host a package repo mirror from there as well10:25
blueCmdbenjamincburns: wonderful stuff you did there10:25
benjamincburnsthanks, though it's a bit hacky on the server side at the moment10:26
blueCmdbenjamincburns: it's a great PR thing anyway, no matter how hacky it is :)10:26
blueCmdI use it to showcase openrisc from time to time10:26
benjamincburnsI've had some interest from a few folks for a subscription-based service built out of all this - end goal being a private subnet, storage persistence (local and remote), and perhaps state transfer between server and browser10:27
benjamincburnsI don't know that there's enough interest to actually run a viable business out of it, but if it'd pay for the server costs and give me some motivation to keep hacking away at it, I'm all for it10:28
benjamincburnsmy initial thought was that I'd work on Angstrom support in OpenEmbedded or Poky, but if there's a serious effort behind Debian, that's even better!10:29
blueCmdI'm serious if I'm not the only one using it basically :)10:30
benjamincburnshaha, yeah - "serious" is relative10:30
benjamincburnsI guess what I mean is, if you can build a significant number of debian packages, I'd rather throw my efforts in behind that than work on OE/Poky10:31
benjamincburns"significant" being relative as well10:31
benjamincburnsPython is indeed quite significant, haha10:31
blueCmdwell, I have around the hundred of packages now I think10:34
benjamincburnsanyway, I have to run, but I'll be in touch - I'd definitely like to help out any way I can.10:34
blueCmdgreat! i'll be doing alot of traveling in the comming 3 weeks10:34
blueCmdwhere are you btw? in the off chance I'll be travling there10:34
poke53281blueCmd: Looks like you have been busy the last few weeks. :) . Great stuff. I will give a try in a few weeks when I have time.10:35
blueCmdpoke53281: cool!10:36
Powermaniac__blueCmd: How does one recompile Debian packages for use on the OR1KSim?10:37
blueCmdPowermaniac__: oh boy, from scratch? :D10:37
Powermaniac__blueCmd: As I've been thinking I should begin trying to help/use it as then I might get a feel for whether I want to buy an FPGA board to use it on etc.10:38
Powermaniac__blueCmd: Yeah sort of err ignorant when it comes to how linux works, sort of. Although I'm leanring C at the moment so I'm not sure if that helps?10:38
blueCmdPowermaniac__: so, the easiest way (not the fastest) is to load you up with qemu-or32 with all the patches. that will allow you to do an Debian or1k installation10:39
blueCmdfrom there you do apt-get install build-essential, apt-get source PACKAGE, cd PACKAGE, dpkg-buildpackage10:39
Powermaniac__Okay what is the preferred way, not the easiest or the fastest...?10:40
blueCmdPowermaniac__: the point I was making (a bit snarkly perhaps :P) is that bootstraping or1k Debian from scratch is a painful process. I'm working at making it easier, but since a lot of things in Debian 1) wasn't made to do this (people are chaning that) and 2) or1k stuff is not upstream, that requires a ton of work10:40
Powermaniac__As I don't mind messing around with it, really it matters if anyone is willing to help me mess around with it unless there is some good documentation on setting it up now...10:40
blueCmdPowermaniac__: that above is the preferred way10:40
blueCmdthe qemu thing10:41
Powermaniac__Ahh okay10:41
blueCmdthe other way is to cross-compile, which is messy and almost never totally works10:41
Powermaniac__Do you have a list of working packages up somewhere or something10:42
poke53281blueCmd: Yes, the intention of the QEMU patches I did was also to provide an easier way to compile stuff. With the patches QEMU user mode is especially fast.10:43
blueCmdPowermaniac__: it's not a very nice list, but if you look at files in the /home/bluecmd/public_html/repositories/final directory10:43
blueCmdpoke53281: are you sebastian?10:44
blueCmdI keep forgetting10:44
blueCmdpoke53281: yes! it's indeed the case10:44
poke53281send you an email half an hour ago10:44
blueCmdpoke53281: sent you a response 11 min ago ;)10:44
blueCmdpoke53281: anyway, I cannot thank you enough. if you need help upstreaming or anything, let me know. I know it can be a pain to get around to doing it10:48
blueCmdspeaking of which, I'd better upstream some stuff now before I go traveling10:49
Powermaniac__So I assume I need to be using linux to get QEMU or well it is recommended to be running say Debian and then QEMU on top of that? Which is fine as I was about to do a fresh install of Debian...10:49
blueCmdyou need debootstrap, qemu, binfmt-misc (kernel support) and chroot. I seem to recall that it's possible to get debootstrap for fedora, but it was kind of painful.10:51
blueCmddebian would be the easy choice10:51
benjamincburnsblueCmd: I'm in Christchurch, New Zealand10:52
blueCmdbenjamincburns: ah! sadly i'm not going there! I wouldn't mind though10:54
Powermaniac__Well I'm going to go do a fresh install of Debian10:57
Powermaniac__So bye for now10:57
powermaniacQuick question is this the qemu-or32 package I want for OR1kSim: ?12:45
blueCmdor1ksim and qemu-or32 are not the same thing. you can run either without eachoter12:47
blueCmdpowermaniac: I'd currently recommend that you clone my fork:
powermaniacOkay so I've cloned that repository, well downloaded it as a zip file. Now is there documentation somewhere on setting this particular setup, up?12:58
powermaniacSorry if I'm being really thick...12:58
blueCmdpowermaniac: yes, the documentation is blueCmd :P12:58
powermaniacOh xD12:58
blueCmd./configure --target-list=or32-linux-user --static12:59
blueCmdmake && sudo make install12:59
blueCmdyou might need 'sudo apt-get build-dep qemu' first12:59
powermaniacOkay two problems with that, I tried: "sudo apt-get build-dep qemu" and got: "E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list" so then I tried: "/configure --target-list=or32-linux-user --static" for the hell of it and got: "ERROR: "cc" either does not exist or does not work"13:04
powermaniacoops ./configure*13:04
powermaniacoops ./configure*13:06
blueCmdyeah, you need to have a src-line in your sources.list. 2 sec13:06
powermaniacOkay, thanks13:06
blueCmdadd this to /etc/apt/sources.list:13:07
blueCmddeb-src wheezy         main13:07
blueCmdand apt-get update13:11
powermaniacHmm never seen that before the http://http that is13:13
blueCmdit's just naming. they have aswell13:13
blueCmdand rsync.debian13:13
powermaniacYeah seen the ftp before13:13
powermaniacWow that is a lot of dependencies13:13
powermaniacOnly 179mb though...13:14
blueCmdhah yes13:15
powermaniacOkay well, "./configure --target-list=or32-linux-user --static" and "make && sudo make install" is done. Although there were some errors at the end13:23
blueCmdyeah, it does that13:24
blueCmdpowermaniac: I took the time to write a short readme just now13:25
blueCmdgive it a spin13:25
blueCmdyou would be at line 1413:25
powermaniacSo should I worry about the errors from make && sudo make install?13:26
blueCmddo you have /usr/local/bin/qemu-or32 ?13:26
blueCmdif not, run sudo make install by itself and then check again13:27
powermaniacThose are the errors13:29
powermaniacTried make install a second time and got that, no /usr/local/bin/qemu-or3213:29
powermaniacblueCmd: Any ideas...?13:40
blueCmdpowermaniac: sorry, I was checking in on flights and stuff13:44
powermaniacblueCmd: Oh no my bad, just being impatient13:45
blueCmdpowermaniac: try installing libgpg-error-dev13:45
blueCmdand re-running ./configure-thing13:46
ysionneaublueCmd: your work on Debian seems really amazing, congratulations it must have been looong hours of work :)13:46
blueCmd(not ./configure-thing per say, but the ./configure ... wahtever)13:46
blueCmdysionneau: hah yes, It was been very fun though, learned a lot :P13:46
blueCmdthanks :)13:46
ysionneauI bet you learned a lot of stuff :)13:47
* ysionneau is watching the asciinema13:47
ysionneauis it correct to say it's the first time Debian runs on FPGA?13:47
ysionneaumaybe some guys have run Debian for ARM on FPGA ...13:47
ysionneaubut the first run of Debian on open source FPGA design?13:48
powermaniacblueCmd: Okay tried running "apt-get install libgpg-error-dev" and nothing needed to be installed...13:49
powermaniacIf you need to go that is fine13:52
blueCmdpowermaniac: can you do sudo make V=1 install and give me the first lines at least13:52
powermaniacAs I will have to go myself eventuallyh13:52
blueCmdpowermaniac: nah, it's all fine13:53
powermaniacThat is all the response from sudo make V=113:54
ysionneaublueCmd: by TLS (in your email) you mean Thread Local Storage ?13:55
blueCmdysionneau: yep13:59
blueCmdi usually try to spell it out at least once, but maybe I forgot this time13:59
blueCmdon the long line there beginning with cc14:16
blueCmdtry adding -lgpg at the end14:16
blueCmdand running it manually14:16
powermaniacI'm going to take a stab in the dark and say missing lgpg is probably a bad sign?
blueCmdtry -lgpg-error14:23
powermaniacblueCmd: that seemed to get rid of the lgpg problem.14:26
powermaniac( I seem to be great a making developers make it so anyone can set up there software xD)14:27
powermaniacMeaning even linux ignorant people like myself can get it to work xD14:35
blueCmdpowermaniac: super, do you have /usr/local/bin/qemu-or32 now?14:41
powermaniacblueCmd: No...=\14:42
powermaniacblueCmd: I might need to come back to this tomorrow sometime if possible?14:46
blueCmdpowermaniac: are you sure you ran make install?14:48
blueCmdand not just make?14:48
powermaniacOH I ran both at first14:48
powermaniacI will try make install again though14:49
blueCmdit should work now with the thing compiled14:49
powermaniacWell it compiled some more stuff it seems but more errors again and still no /usr/local/bin/qemu-or32
blueCmdpowermaniac: yeah, run it from the or32-whatever directory14:52
blueCmdmake install that is14:52
powermaniacOh I didn't actually mention before I got rid of the lgpg error yes but it still had other errors pop up with the cc etc etc.14:52
blueCmdwell, you say errors but it's probably warnings14:52
blueCmdwhich is a whole other thing (we ignore those, they are a result from the static linking most often)14:53
powermaniacYeah like -werror...14:53
powermaniacor32-linux-user directory?14:53
powermaniacWell I think that worked14:55
blueCmddo you have the file?14:55
powermaniacYes I do!14:55
blueCmdGreat! :) then continue onwards!14:56
powermaniacblueCmd: For this like "sudo ./scripts/" what directory do I need to be in?14:58
blueCmdrun it in the qemu directry15:01
blueCmd(the directory that contains a directory called 'scripts')15:01
powermaniacBugger going to have to continue this tomorrow15:03
powermaniacI think15:03
powermaniacThanks for all the help blueCmd!15:03
powermaniacSeeing as it is 1:42 AM xD15:04
blueCmdok, I'll be travelling a lot the coming 3 weeks15:04
powermaniacSo I've heard, hope all goes well!15:04
blueCmdso I might be hard to reach15:04
powermaniacOkay no problem15:05
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