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stekerndid jonibo press some buttons on the list, seems like there was a bunch of dormant messages now coming through09:56
olofkstekern: Yeah, I noticed that too09:57
olofkOne of these days, I'm going to explore branches in git. It's getting a bit messy to keep ten unfinished fixes/additions in my local master10:07
stekernolofk: it's never too late to learn an old dog new tricks, or what do they say ;)10:34
olofkstekern: Did you do anything with that wb fifo idea? I've just started doing a fixed clock dead simple uart decode that could be nice to hook up to that10:36
_franck_web_olofk: about the verilator problem with or1200-generic.core. i think we could move bench/verilog/uart16550_model.v to tb_private_src_files in the verilog section. Then add a verilator compatible (using DPI) uart model with the same name in the verilator section10:36
olofk_franck_web_: I'm actually working on some stuff in that area right now :)10:37
_franck_web_i did some simple tests with verilator and DPi this morning and it is quite easy10:37
olofkI also realized that I have some local fixes that takes care of the verilator problem, but I don't want to push it until I have an uart decoder in verilog10:38
olofk_franck_web_: That sounds nice. My approach is _not_ simple :)10:38
_franck_web_ok, I'll prepare something and you'll tell me10:38
olofkThe verilator parts need a lot of love10:40
stekernolofk: yes... and no... it's here, but I never completed it:
olofkFor example, I want it to be able to compile and use or1k-elf-loader with a c++ wrapper10:41
stekernit's just a 1-entry fifo right now10:41
stekernshould be trivial to fix...10:42
olofkRight now it uses a local copy of (the old) or1k-elf-loader in the top level core10:42
olofkstekern: Sounds good. I'll hook it up to my simple UART when that is ready10:43
olofkbaby IRQ10:43
olofkStaying home sick is not as productive as it used to be :)10:44
_franck_web_olofk: yes, I've seen this code duplication.10:44
_franck_web_you may already know but look how simple is DPI:
stekernolofk: you need to extend the fifo on your baby, seems like the irqs are coming in at high rate ;)10:46
olofkLooks like lekernel has already implemented exactly what I was looking for in the mmuart project13:12
olofkJust sucks that it's a tar file at opencores13:12
olofkHmm.. but perhaps I can use the URL provider to fetch it through the websvn interface13:15
olofkyep, that should work13:17
olofkAh.. it's on github as well, but I'm not very keen on pulling in the complete milkymist repo for a single file13:19
olofkAhh.. I could use the URL provider to get that file instead13:19
olofkDamn, I'm clever13:19
_franck_web_this URL provider is awesome13:21
olofkThe big-ass milkymist repo is exactly the kind of situations that I want to avoid with (the soon to be renamed) orpsocv313:22
olofkIt would be fun to split up that in a couple of repos and see how hard it would be to pull back together as a bunch of orpsoc cores13:23
olofkI suspect there's a lot of good code there13:23
olofkstekern, ysionneau: You're a bit familiar with the milkymist stuff, right? Is it complicated to build an image from the repo?13:53
stekernolofk: the legacy or ng?16:01
stekernneither was hard though16:02
olofkthe legacy one. No migen support in orpsoc yet16:04
stekernif you have ise ikstalled it was just a matter of make something iirc16:08
olofkah crap. No xilinx support yet :(16:08
mathias`Hello, I tried to add an interrupt to the orpsoc_top by modifying the line `assign or1k_irq[3] = key1;' and key1 is assigned a push button on a DE1 board. Now I would like to enter an interrupt handler in my C code to execute some code whenever the button is pressed. I tried using the or1k_interrupt_handler_add and or1k_interrupt_enable functions. Using the interrupt id 3. Am I doing the right thing?18:14
stekernmathias`: sound right18:28
jeremybennettI see Sven is in EE Times again:
blueCmd_pretty sweet21:23
stekernnice ;)21:26
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