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olofkHey, I just found this (in swedish, haven't found original source yet)
olofkOpenRISC replaces NIOS in LTE/WCDMA/HSPA repeater ASICs09:58
stekernnothing on the finnish sister site neither10:15
blueCmd_that's nice12:03
_franck_web_hacking orpsoc when you don't know python is not easy sometimes :)13:53
_franck_web_olofk: how can I see the full command created by subprocess.check_call ?13:54
_franck_web_I mean what is executed in the console13:54
stekernah, some more feedback on the VGA/LCD Linux driver, just when I thought it had been forgotten about16:24
olofk_franck_: I think that the best way is just to join the list of arguments and print out18:06
olofkI created the launch function in so that I could add a possibility to print out the command from there, but I haven't implemented it yet18:08
olofkI just looked at the code and saw that if the called command returns an error code, you will get an error message that contains the command that was executed18:09
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_franck_olofk: I rewrite your or1k-elf-loader to get rid of the or1k-el-objdump dependency21:51
_franck_it now uses libelf21:51
stekern_franck_: you are usually a man of good taste, why have you added such a header to or1k-elf-loader.c? ;)22:30
stekernto be clear, I'm speaking about the trailing '*' in the header22:31
stekernapart from that, nice job!22:32
olofk_franck_: Awesome! I've been wanting to get rid of that dependency. Didn't know about libelf22:35
olofk_franck_: And I just pushed a commit that adds a launcher class that can be used for launching external applications22:36
olofkYou can use it like this:22:36
olofkl = Launcher(command, [list of args], other stuff)22:36 #Runs the command22:36
olofkprint(l) #Prints out the command as a string22:37
stekernwhat does other stuff do?22:45
olofkwell... it does... other stuff...22:46
olofkyou know... like.... stuff... and things22:46
olofkIt's complicated22:46
stekernaha, it does things too, then it's all clear!22:47
stekernI always wonder what that 'stuff' is, like in
squaresinewaveWell it's stuff and things, not stuff or it is much better....for reasons.22:53
stekernindeed, more is more is the new less is more22:54
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