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Alpha78I am unable to check out the OR1200 core from SVN. Can someone help?14:20
Alpha78I keep getting "(504 Gateway Time-out)"14:21
Alpha78Both minsoc and orpsoc seem nice but without repository quite useless.14:22
vxeAlpha78: try github?
maxpalnHi, resolved the autonegotiate issue - I found the register settings to place the PHY into autonegotiate mode - this stopped Linux constantly trying to force an auto-neg. I then connected the board to a 10/100 switch (rather than a GbE switch - its a fudge but will work for now, I can later to find out if there are PHY settings to permanently disable GbE mode or something!)16:25
maxpalnI now want to add the SPI to the platform - I have found the syntax from an equivalent DTS file16:25
maxpalnI have a quetion on the partitions though - are the 'reg = <>' values offset from the start of the Flash?16:26
maxpalnThe SPI Flash is essentially7 shared with the FPGA image so I want to set the bootloader at an offset into the SPI Flash (0xF0000), it's not clear how the 'reg' values correlate with SPI addresses...16:28
maxpalnhmmm, found a few other examples - i might have the answer now. Is the syntax documented anywhere?16:32
_kvxe, or1200 is NOT available on the openrisc github repository, I wasn't able to find any other mirrors for or1200 either17:44
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maxpalnthanks stekern!20:03
wkoszekAre you guys doing any continuous integration with aka. testing on regular basis on a base platform of some sort?20:42
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