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butcher_hi has there been any effort on an out-of-order core design for openrisc ?01:46
butcher_hi which one is the current repository for or1ksim architectural simulator04:39
butcher_the svn repo seems unresponsive04:39
_franck_butcher_: you can find or1ksim on the openrisc's github here:
butcher_I am interested in developing a core for orbis6407:34
butcher_so as a first step I presume I will have to make a 64 bit model for or1ksim07:35
_franck_I guess it's a good idea to start with the sim first07:35
butcher_i mean i will need it for a reference model if I try making RTL07:36
butcher_question is though I understand RTL fairly well how much work do you think is to create a or1ksim 64 bit model, given its all C07:37
butcher_though orbis32 and orbis64 is not that different07:37
_franck_butcher_: I can't tell, I've only work the peripheral side of or1ksim. jeremypbennett is the one who knows07:39
butcher_I see, thanks anyway07:39
butcher_has there been previous efforts towards orbis64 ?07:40
butcher_I know thats its not in plan for openrisc 2k07:40
stekernbutcher_: I don't think there has been, but I think it sounds like fun08:35
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