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stekernandresjk: yeah, unfortunately I don't have much time for it nowadays05:04
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maxpalnok, anyone know anything about the openrisc linux distribution?14:21
maxpalnI am trying to debug the ethernet driver issues - it seems Linux is unable to match teh HW to the driver14:21
maxpalnbut I can't follow how Linux is identifying the HW14:21
stekernit's identifying it by using the device tree14:22
maxpalncan you point me at the right place in the file system14:22
maxpalnI was expecting to see a device ID or a manufacturer/ID or something like that14:23
maxpalnthat I could use to cross reference against the drivers14:23
maxpalnthis works on the 'full' installations of redhat and so on-14:23
maxpalnI can see things like Intel ... or Reraltek...14:24
maxpalnthanks - I see that14:24
maxpalnbut how does the connection with a particular driver get made?14:25
stekernand the other information in the device tree node is used in this function:
maxpalnok, this is making a bit more sense14:31
stekernas for the PHY devices, I would assume they would automagically be probed with the mdio interface functions provided by the ethernet mac driver14:32
maxpalnok, that makes sense - but how does Linux know which driver to use -14:32
maxpalnas in which actual set of values to write to which registers14:33
maxpaln I can't seem to follow the link from ethoc/c to one of the set of drivers in 'drivers/net/...'14:33
maxpalnI suspect that there are no matches found when Linux boots so the PHY isn't actual setup with anything other than the defaults14:34
maxpalnFopr example, I am looking in marvell.c (./drivers/net/phy/marvell.c)14:37
maxpalnthe marvell_drivers struct would appear to hold the link to all the various settings that need to be loaded for each PHY etc.14:38
stekernmmm, I'm not sure how the PHY probing takes place without digging myself14:38
maxpalnok, well you starting me in the right direction14:39
stekernbut I would assume it's initiated by this:
maxpalnhmmm, that';s worth investigating14:40
stekernand a wild guess is that it reads the vendor/product id from the standard regs and matches a driver to that14:40
maxpalnIt could track through to the right place14:40
maxpalnI'll do some digging and let you know what I find14:41
stekerngreat! ;)14:41
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