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olofk_Ha! Finally installed python on my Jolla09:23
olofk_hmm.. qt uses Javascript for it's interfaces. slashme wonders if it would be possible to port jor1k :)09:23
ysionneauthe beauty of the web is that it runs everywhere :)10:37
stekernspeaking of installing stuff, I just won a battle over a HP laptop to default to Linux in a dual boot Linux/win8 setup10:40
stekernuefi is really broken on that... there is no way to change the boot order, it just ignore any changes with efibootmgr10:43
stekernhiding the windows .efi works (i.e. moving it from it's correct directory), but then when you boot windows manually it "fixes" itself and use the new location10:45
stekernso you have to replace the old windows .efi with a broken one (any other, it won't boot it since it can't verify it), that'll trick it to avoid "fixing" itself10:46
olofk_stekern: I've been having problems with combinations of Linux kernel and efibootmgr that prevented any updates to the UEFI tables10:57
olofk_Have you tried to use the EFI shell instead? That did the trick for me10:57
stekernno, I don't know how to get to the EFI shell...11:03
stekernbut in a way, I like this solution, it's now very complicated to start windows, but easy to start linux11:11
stekernto start windows you have to browse for the .efi and start it that maually that way11:11
olofk_It might sound a little bit shady to download a bootloader binary from sourceforge, but apparently this is the official site
stekernah, ok11:12
olofk_When I got my new computer I was determined to get rid of the pre-install win8 installation before I had accepted any EULA to prevent my installation from being counted11:12
stekernI'll try that as well, to see if it's actually is efibootmgr that is not working11:13
olofk_Turns out that getting windows _not_ to start is just as hard as trying to keep it running ok11:13
stekernyeah, that's what I've been experiencing the last day too11:14
stekernwe've bought laptops for the kids as xmas presents11:15
stekernand I bet there is coming a day when they want to play some stupid game that only works on windows...11:17
stekernolofk_: yeah, no, changing the boot order in efi shell didn't work... it reset it back to windows as first option11:39
olofk_Interesting stuff going on with steam. Hopefully they won't need windows at all11:42
stekernyeah, it feels like windows as a gaming platform isn't that dominating anymore11:43
stekernI've never cared much for gaming myself (except lucasart games)11:44
stekernour oldest kid is mostly playing minecraft and that works perfectly under linux11:45
olofk_I have bougth a lot of games (like 20-30) the last years via Humble Indie Bundle, but I've only played a few of them, and only for a few hours at most11:45
olofk_So it's more like I've been donating money :)11:46
maxpalnHi, trying to determine if the Ethernet interface is setup correctly on our eval board13:24
maxpalnI have ethmac-ping.c test that is part of orpsocv2 - it is running (which is positive) - it has a bunch of switches for setting rates 10/100, enabling and configuring the phy and reporting status.13:25
maxpalnI am trying to work out what the correct input should be to do a basic test of the HW - something like, initialist the MAC, initialise the Phy and test that it is basically working13:25
maxpalnanyone got any tips?13:25
maxpalnok, well I can't find exactly what I am looking for but I can see plenty of activity on the ethernet PHY (via the status LEDs) and the MAC and PHY via the registers. I don't really claim to understand most of it but it looks sensible and like everything is working correctly14:15
maxpalnso in lieu of a reason to believe it is not working I am going to assume it is working14:16
maxpalnmight be fatal but I'll take a leap of faith - it is, after all, the festive time of year :-)14:16
maxpalnso, unless there is an intermediate step I've missed, I think the next thing is to build a Linux binary and see if it works!14:16
maxpalneek! wish me luck!14:16
maxpalnok, so in case I am heading off in completely the wrong direction - I am downloading the Linux kernel source code from here14:31
maxpalngit clone git://
maxpalnthen I am going to attempt to compile it - this is not something I have tried before with any Linux distribution14:31
maxpalnso I am not expecting to go smoothly!14:32
maxpalnbut any tips about what I should and shouldn't be doing are VERY welcome :-)14:32
stekernmaxpaln: it should be pretty straight forward17:04
stekernI suggest you try to build a kernel and run it in or1ksim first though, if it's a new process for you17:04
stekernit should be a matter of just: make or1ksim_defconfig && make17:06
stekernand then: or1ksim -f arch/openrisc/or1ksim.cfg vmlinux17:07
stekernif that goes smoth, you can try starting to modify the or1ksim.dts to match your board17:09
stekernit shouldn't need much modifying, but the clock frequency you'll need to change at least17:10
user135Hi, has any verilog/VHDL code been produced for an OpenRISC ASIC yet?17:33
stekernuser135: yes, there are several implementations available, in both verilog and VHDL. most of them could be targeted for asic.17:50
stekernand the oldest (or1200) have been around for > 10 years17:52
user135ok nice.18:10
maxpalnthanks stekern - very helpful. I'll report back with success or otherwise19:26
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