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LoneTechrokka: no, I haven't found documentation on Quartus JTAG interface, and the ORDB2 uses FTDI's common JTAG pinout for MPSSE. we've used urjtag for fpga configuration11:00
LoneTechin effect, on the ordb2 you can figure out the jtag interface from looking at the board, with Altera's blasters you can't because of the programmable logic. I've no idea why they don't want a common JTAG interface on the tool side.11:01
rokkaLoneTech: must be a business thing12:52
rokkaLoneTech: thanks for info :)12:53
rokka_franck_: thanks too :)12:53
rokkai possibly broke one of fpga pins somehow... :l12:54
rokkait doesn't drive output correctly anymore12:55
rokkasignal goes up for a while and then fades away12:59
hnoLoneTech, I looked at Quartus JTAG interface some time ago and it clearly supports a modular interface with various drivers. Just no documentation on how to write a driver.. maybe possible to ask Altera about it?21:30
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