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hikenbootpoke53281, you around?03:47
poke53281I try to catch a bus. In 20 minutes from now on I have time.03:55
hikenbootno problem will get back in touch in the future03:57
poke53281So, I am around04:20
hikenboothi i was looking over your emulator....and am wondering if in its current state it allows for adding a package manager to a major distribution I notice it has rpm which would be more of a Red Hat/CentOS type but it is built using Ubuntu as the cross platform builder...04:30
hikenbootthat was for poke5328104:30
poke53281At the moment, the closest distribution of the emulator is Linux from Scratch04:35
poke53281These are my scripts for building the image04:35
hikenboothow fast and stable is it running across the internet..I am curious wether it could run a gui over the internet at a usuable rate of speed04:36
poke53281It's true, that the image contains rpm. But this is only part of busybox04:36
poke53281It is never used04:36
hikenbootah ok04:37
hikenbootI have an idea of a real nice application for this box environment, I guess it will have to wait until its developed further, are you plan on making it in the future a distribution based VM04:37
poke53281Support for a major distribution would be nice. But the whole toolchain is still in a state, for which no distribution would work.04:37
hikenbootI understand, I tried doing some LFS many many years ago, it is very difficult and your work I must say is very impressive04:38
poke53281Well, the long term build is of course to build something like for the OpenRISC platform.04:38
poke53281long term plan .....04:39
poke53281Well, the long term plan  is of course to build something support a distribution for the OpenRISC platform.04:39
hikenbootI have an application for it, but I wouldnt be able to share it except under an NDA, but even then I am not sure it would be so unique an idea that it might aford me any source of income04:40
poke53281Well, the long term plan is of course to support a distribution for the OpenRISC platform.04:40
poke53281So, now the sentence is correct :)04:40
hikenbootah right no problem I got what you were saying the first time!04:40
hikenbootwell thank you for your time..I look forward to the future of this platform!04:41
poke53281Thanks, it was a huge effort to compile all those stuff with the toolchain. Especially X04:41
hikenbootI know it was, you are extremely gifted!04:42
poke53281So, it depends also on the OpenRISC community when there will be distribution or not.04:42
poke53281Hehe, thanks.04:42
hikenbootI understand...04:42
hikenboothave a great night!04:43
poke53281You too. Good night04:43
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