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poke53281This time not by me. Benhamin Burns did a great job in implementing network support18:29
poke53281Even with a graphical browser links18:29
poke53281links, lynx, nc, wget, curl, ssh, scp, nmap, telnet, ping18:29
poke53281You can connect to other emulations via telnet. This is fun.18:30
ninn2Hi! :-D18:53
ninn2I got a question regarding memory-copy.18:55
ninn2I would like to copy a large chunk of data to a position in memory.18:56
ninn2and iirc thats whats dma is for18:56
ninn2but... or12k has no dma, am i right?19:00
ninn2how does that affect performance?19:01
ninn2or is "dma" more like a "co-processor" and has nothing to do with the processor itself.19:02
ninn2sorry for beeing n00bish.19:03
stekernpoke53281: that's really cool19:57
stekernninn2: dma is usually a peripheral directly accessing memory19:58
stekernand the way it's handled in orpsoc is that the cores are acting as wishbone masters, accessing the main memory19:59
poke53281stekern: Give me your IP when you start the emulator :)20:06
poke53281argh, I don't get an IP anymore. Something happened with the server20:13
stekernnow we just need to cross compile irssi, and there's finally a cool way to irc with a web-browser ;)20:14
poke53281Can you start the emulator again please?20:14
poke53281I tried to compile it. But it does now work so easy. Have to spend additional 3 hours or so to compile it.20:15
poke53281You can chat already via the write command20:15
poke53281Even encrypted if you start the ssh server.20:15
stekernyes, I know, irssi is a real pain to cross compile, it has insane dependencies20:16
stekernI've irced with ircII from my atlys board a long time ago though20:16
poke53281Unfortunately, I can't show you how I log me into your emulator and do some fun stuff. It is to unstable right now.20:19
poke53281Maybe tomorrow.20:19
stekernI'll be here ;)20:19
ninn2thanks stekern20:32
blueCmdhm, did anyone continue my work on glibc?21:29
blueCmdsomebody asked me about that a while ago21:29
poke53281blueCmd: I asked you. But unfortunately, I didn't continue.22:47
poke53281No time22:47
poke53281So much other fun stuff to do.22:47
poke53281But my plan is to really use it in future and build an image with development tools which runs in QEMU.22:48
blueCmdYeah, tell me about it :)22:58
blueCmdI'm in a sort of gaming phase atm. Work + BF4 taking all my time :D22:59
poke53281Slowly I am reaching the limit of uClibc.23:12
poke53281There is more and more stuff which don't compile.23:13
poke53281There is some really well tested stuff out there which are basis tools for Linux. And they work and compile everywhere.23:13
poke53281But as soon as you go beyond those tools, you have real problems.23:14
poke53281The software becomes buggy or specialized, and don't compile on other targets than x86 or ARM.23:14
poke53281crazy dependencies is doing the rest.23:15
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