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stekernrah: I don't know, you would need to synthesize it for that target to find out, but as a rough indicator, perhaps.08:40
stekernbut there are other factors that play in, for example, if you're design is almost filling up the fpga, the routing software have harder constraints to work with, thus lowering the possible fmax08:41
stekern_franck_: I would, but I still have those libtool problems...12:13
stekernwhat libtool version do you have?12:14
_franck_it is: (GNU libtool) 2.2.6b12:21
stekernsomehow the ./libtool get created as 2.4, but my libtool is 2.4.212:43
_franck_great ! Is it the one you compiled ?12:46
stekernI just copied in my /usr/bin/libtool to ./libtool as a workaround..12:47
_franck_I'll try to push that upstream12:47
stekernthis setup doesn't seem to reset the hps (or then I've changed something in the soc)12:53
stekernwhich I would really need now12:53
stekernbut otherwise it's good that it doesn't reset the hps12:54
stekernoh, but I just realised that I have mapped hps cold reset to a bit in a register accessible over the wb bus14:45
stekern_franck_: I got a couple of CRC errors now, but it didn't seem to effect functionality14:45
stekerncould be related to me fiddling wih the reset too...14:46
rahstekern: I see15:30
_franck_stekern: what do you mean by "it doesn't reset the hps" ?17:25
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