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poke53282You were interested yesterday01:37
hansfbaierpoke53282: thanks! You think wayland could be put up there too?01:38
poke53282So, this is the current very basic version.01:38
poke53282oh, wayland does not need any real special treatment. Look here:
poke53282This basically all what I have to do to compile it. Ok, there are some dependency libs.01:40
poke53282The source is here:
hansfbaierpoke53282: Ah no patches needed?01:43
poke53282Almost no, do you see the three sed commands in the weston part?01:43
poke53282wayland does not need any patches.01:43
poke53282weston very small ones.01:43
hansfbaierpoke53282: That's good news01:44
poke53282This is everything I need to compile all I have shown here.01:44
poke53282Including the images for jor1k.01:44
poke53282whoops, wrong version. Now the link contains the correct version of or1k-toolchain.tar.bz201:48
poke53282not to forget all the sources:
hansfbaierpoke53282: Is that the or1k-elf-toolchain?01:49
hansfbaierpoke53282: like stekern posted for download?01:50
poke53282or1k-elf and or1k-linux01:50
hansfbaierpoke53282: ah01:50
poke53282It includes these toolchains, yes, and much more.01:50
hansfbaierpoke53282: I'll download. 32 bit?01:50
poke53282does not matter. Just scripts01:51
poke53282Sorry, not the binaries if you mean that.01:51
hansfbaierpoke53282: ok01:52
hansfbaierpoke53282: I had a hard time compiling or1k-... always complained about libgui though it was disabled in the configure.01:52
hansfbaierpoke53282: no desire to debug autohell01:53
hansfbaierpoke53282: so I use the or32-linux and or1k-elf01:53
poke53282libgui? Interesting. What has this to do with the the toolchain?01:54
poke53282or32-linux is in principle outdated. Still official, I know. But it lacks especially shared libs support. So for small things it is Ok.01:56
hansfbaierpoke53282: good question it's somewhere in gcc iirc02:13
hansfbaierpoke53282: Currently I am most interested in kernel hacking (drivers), so or32-linux is ok for me ATM since the kernel is a monolithic blob02:14
poke53282Yep, or32 is fine for this. The architecture dependent kernel part is still incomplete and needs extensions.02:15
poke53282And drivers are fine too. Which one in particular?02:17
hansfbaierpoke53282: One of my projects might be a network driver similar to snull which builds a bridge between the HPS/ARM and the FPGA/OpenRisck in the SocKit02:29
hansfbaierpoke53282: But I still have to learn and read a ton of stuff to be able to do that02:29
hansfbaierpoke53282: It basically just copies the packets into the other systems memory where it picks it up.02:29
hansfbaierpoke53282: Maybe using a hardware semaphore or so.02:29
poke53282Ahh, I understand. More or less. Never used FPGAs.02:32
hansfbaierpoke53282: FPGAs are great fun to me02:32
hansfbaierpoke53282: fascinating to build my own hardware in a chip02:33
hansfbaierpoke53282: writing drivers for it etc. Not there yet, still learning. A lot to learn...02:33
poke53282Yeah, I believe that this makes fun. I am curious when we can build our own asic?
hansfbaierpoke53282: I donated $10 :]02:35
poke53282$23000 is maybe enough to get a meeting with the persons to tell them that it is not possible to build an ASIC with $23000.02:36
poke53282I spend $5002:36
hansfbaierpoke53282: Another project might be connecting my LCD touchscreen to the de0_nano and getting the vga_lcd core running with it02:36
hansfbaierpoke53282: for me I am pretty happy with FPGAs02:36
poke53282Then, you can play scummvm games :)02:36
hansfbaierpoke53282: for my LCD that's why I am interested in X/wayland/DirectFB02:39
poke53282Ok, I am afraid that any of this programs will not work without or1k-linux.02:41
poke53282without shared library support I mean.02:42
poke53282DirectFB maybe.02:43
hansfbaierpoke53282: Good to know. Let me take a look at the script02:47
poke53282You must understand that the whole Linux environment is based on shared libraries and developed since decades. Besides of the basic stuff like Linux/Busybox you will probably  need it. Some things simply don't work with static libs.02:53
hansfbaierpoke53282: I am aware of that, but I am lazy .... :)02:58
hansfbaierpoke53282: still so much other stuff to do and learn in the meantime, and maybe since then the problem might have been fixed....02:59
hansfbaierpoke53282: also internet connection is not that good here in Indonesia, so I hesitate to clone gigabyte git repos again03:00
poke53282Yes, I am sure of that. And if not simply use a virtual machine with a clean Linux installation. For example the ISO provided with the or32 toolchain is fine.03:00
hansfbaierpoke53282: already took me days to check out the or1k toolchain sources, so if your script downloads them again, I have to modify03:00
hansfbaierpoke53282: good idea03:01
poke53282Yes, it downloads them again. But you can copy them in the correct directories.03:01
hansfbaierpoke53282: stekern: Do you have binary downloads for the or1k-linux toolchain too?03:08
stekernhansfbaier: no, but you will probably be able to build it yourself, since you will not need to have an or1k-linux-uclibc-gdb03:15
hansfbaierstekern: OK, I hope I didn't wake you up though...03:15
hansfbaierstekern: thanks03:15
hansfbaierstekern: should be pretty early in the morning where you live right now.03:16
stekernit's already 6:17 here03:17
stekernand no, I don't have audible notifications from irc, so you wouldn't have woke me up ;)03:18
stekerneven if I did, the computers are so far away from the bed that it still wouldn't have woke me up03:19
hansfbaierstekern: good to know :)03:24
stekernthere are the small utils/scripts I use to download programs to or1k from arm03:27
hansfbaierstekern: One reason the stuff yesterday didn't work might have been that I didn't build a preloader for the orpsoc yet. And if I did, I don't know how to install it. Just dd it into the beginning of the device? The lab didn't contain that IIRC03:29
hansfbaierstekern: Another thing which makes me wonder is that the qsys of the sockit only contains the HPS, the reset manager and the DDR3, but no bridges etc. Why so?03:30
stekernwhat kind of bridges are you missing?03:30
hansfbaierstekern: The interfaces into the FPGA?03:32
hansfbaierfrom the HPS03:32
hansfbaierstekern: the lightweight... but I didn't look into the orpsoc code yet.... except for the qsys03:33
hansfbaierstekern: in the tutorial they blinked a led via the GPIO connected to the lightweight bridge. As I can see in the dts the LEDs are there, but there's no GPIO module etc in the Qsys, or shouldn't that be visible to the HPS?03:34
hansfbaierBut why is it in the dev tree then?03:34
hansfbaierI might be wrong since I was pretty tired at the end of yesterday03:34
stekernand yes, to the first couple of bytes of one of the partitions (the one that's not fat nor ext2), but the instructions for that can be found on rocketboards somewhere, so I leave it to you to find it, since otherwise I'd need to look up on what page it was ;)03:36
hansfbaierstekern: ok thanks03:37
hansfbaierfair enough03:37
stekernthe lwhps2fpga is exposed (exported) to the qsys top module, the bridges to wishbone are in orpsoc03:38
stekernre the leds in the dts... I've just been to lazy to remove them03:39
hansfbaierstekern: Ah that's what I thought, good to know03:39
poke53282Arghh, send to the mailing list from the wrong email address.04:31
stekernpoke53282: I just saw your mail, I didn't have that kind of problems when I last tried compiling natively04:56
stekernI understand the problem though, I think that the machine in Linux should be or1k, not openrisc04:56
stekernopenrisc is the architecture family04:57
poke53282Yes, you don't need always.04:59
poke53282You need it in libffi for example because this is hardware dependent.04:59
poke53282I think if you try to compile gcc native you will have the same problem.05:00
stekernah, I see05:01
poke53282uname -m is determined by the Linux kernel. And it is "openrisc" since I remember.05:02
stekernanyways, anything in config called 'openrisc' or 'or32' is "wrong"05:02
stekernso the only thing left to change is Linux then05:03
poke53282but then config.guess does not reckognize or1k either.05:04
poke53282only or3205:04
stekernah, ok... so the problem still exist in config.guess... I see05:05
stekernhere's the commit where or1k was added to config btw:;a=commitdiff;h=fd4dee4466c2b7bc330ff61430460e8bf6e26ddd05:08
poke53282Oh, sorry, have checked the old config.guess. Not the development version. One moment05:11
poke53282Yes, or1k is in the development tree in config.guess05:13
poke53282I got confused by so many config.guess I have on my hard disk now :)05:14
stekernblueCmd: thanks for doing that btw05:15
poke53282The question is if we should put a default target into config.guess or change the machine name.05:17
stekernhmm, what do you mean by default target?05:18
stekernbut it feels like 'openrisc05:19
stekerndarn enter key...05:19
stekernbut it feels like 'openrisc' is not the correct machine name in linux05:19
stekerncompare to 'i686', 'x86_64', 'armv7l' in other archs05:20
poke53282Maybe it is too late for me. But I can't find the place where this is defined in the kernel sources.  :(05:21
poke53282But I understand05:22
stekernotoh, then on arm for example arm* becomes arm-unknown05:22
olofkstekern: I want to do some crazy-ass git trickery. Can I get only the first commit in your pull request for orpsoc-cores (3fd3faa) without messing things up?05:44
olofkwait a minute. Is it just to specify that commit in my git pull?05:45
olofkOr do I get your head and remove the commit locally?05:45
olofkThe commit after, I mean05:45
stekernin this case, I think that might do it yes05:45
stekernspecify that commit05:46
stekernI'll take a look first though05:46
stekernotherwise you can just cherry-pick in the commits you like05:47
olofkDid you just realize that it's easier to try yourself first than having to help me recover my tree when I mess it up? ;)05:48
stekernno, I just checked that they are in the order you claimed. I have trust-issues ;)05:48
olofkYes! I want to cherry-pick. I read about that all the time, but don't know how to do it!05:48
stekernok, so do 'git fetch git:// de0_nano'05:52
hansfbaierolofk: with git cherry-pick ?05:52
stekern'git log FETCH_HEAD'05:52
stekernand then 'git cherry-pick <commit-hash>'05:52
stekernolofk: so, you saved one word to use an incorrect word to waste it on an 8 word explanation ;)06:26
olofkstekern: In hindsight I can see that there is room for improvements to my syntax :)06:30
stekernotoh, if you already had wrote the incorrect word I can understand you, it's such a PITA tipp-exing the screen06:32
olofkI haven't compiled support for the backspace key in gentoo :)06:38
olofkn00b question. Shouldn't this set r4 to 0x80000003?06:39
olofk        l.movhi r4, 0x80000003         l.ori   r4, r4, 0x0000000306:39
stekernl.movhi r4, hi(0x80000003); l.ori   r4, r4, lo(0x80000003)06:40
stekernas would: l.movhi r4, 0x8000; l.ori r4, r4, 0x000306:41
hansfbaierat the end06:41
stekernhansfbaier: yup06:42
olofkstekern: Thanks. My first or1k assembler program is almost working now06:42
stekernI think the same instructions are in some other place as well06:43
olofkCan't believe it took me over three years to actually get here06:43
stekernat the end06:43
hansfbaierstekern: thanks06:44
stekernolofk: what will it do?06:44
stekernI almost got a starfield combined with fire effect old school demo running at decent speed at 640x480 yesterday06:45
olofkstekern: I fixed bug 97 and thought I might as well write a test case since we don't actually test l.ror anywhere06:46
stekernI know how dissapointed you were that I didn't have any old school demo effects to show off at orconf ;)06:47
stekernI thought we did somewhere, but I believe you06:48
poke53282I can try to compile dosbox. Then you have enough demos :)06:50
poke53282Or maybe a C64 emulator. That should be fast enough06:50
hansfbaierstekern: Where do I find the input files for bsp-edit?06:50
hansfbaieris it this one?06:51
hansfbaierbut why in submodules...06:51
stekernpoke53282: ah, but that's no fun, I like polishing off code I wrote in the mid-90's and bring it onto or1k ;)06:51
stekernhansfbaier: it's described in the sw-lab06:52
stekernI can't remember myself06:52
poke53282which code did you write? Something published in the demo scene?06:53
stekernno, I never got advanced enough for that, just simple single commonly done demo-effects06:53
hansfbaierstekern: it looks like its the file above06:54
stekernlike plasma, fire, starfields, wormholes, 2d-bumpmaps, water and 3d-tunnel06:54
hansfbaierstekern: No its ./build/sockit/bld-quartus/hps_isw_handoff/sockit_hps_0/06:55
stekernI've got some wireframe 3d cube laying around somewhere I think too06:56
poke53282Interesting. Something like that I did too. Just for fun. Programming 3D by hand :) Before OpenGL was standard.06:56
stekernhansfbaier: yes, that sounds right06:56
bjohanstekern, seems that all that is missing is a candy bar :)06:56
bjohanaka twister bar06:57
poke53282Voxelspace from the 199206:58
stekernheh, that's very cool07:00
poke53282A look together 200 lines of code or so. The plotting fits in less than 50 lines.07:01
poke53282A together 200 lines of code ...07:01
poke53282All together 200 lines of code .. that's my keyboard07:02
stekernyeah, many very cool effects are not very complex in the end07:03
stekernI guess the hard part was to figure out the tricks07:03
stekern...and optimizing it for limited hardware07:06
olofkbjohan: Is that the same as the Amiga copper bar?07:07
_franck_stekern (or whoever has a running openrisc linux) : what do you have just after that ?07:07
stekernbjohan: yeah, I miss that one, I think that was more of a amiga effect. I was more into PC at that time07:08
bjohanolofk, no, but copper bars are also cool, manly since they are almost free in cpu-cycles07:08
olofkbjohan: At least if you have the right hardware07:09
bjohanstekern, the twister bars were never big in pc-demos, but i dont se the reason why07:09
bjohana twister bar looks like a rubber bar that is beeing twisted07:09
bjohanusually vertical07:10
stekern_franck_: I think this is your problem: 'Warning: unable to open an initial console.'07:11
_franck_ok I didn't know if it was normal07:12
hansfbaierstekern: uboot boots now, but it says: *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment07:15
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stekernhansfbaier: the only thing I can come up with is that it somehow have got corrupted when you updated spl07:19
hansfbaierstekern: kernel hangs vga outputs signal but all black07:23
hansfbaierStarting kernel - no output hangs07:23
hansfbaieruse the latter07:26
hansfbaierstekern: At which address can I find the GPIOs? I suppose those are the FPGA LEDs?07:29
stekernyes, it's in the README07:29
hansfbaierstekern: which one07:30
stekernthe one under sockit/07:30
stekernI've experienced same kind of problems, reasons have been: wrong dtb, forgot to program the fpga, forgot to unreset the hps2fpga bridge07:34
stekernI think07:34
stekernyou can try to reprogram the fpga when you are in u-boot, just to make sure07:34
hansfbaierstekern: weird uboot freezed on mw.b 0xff322001 0xf07:35
hansfbaierwill try07:35
stekernsidenote, I haven't got the fpga loading from sd-card working07:36
stekernhansfbaier: did you do the bridge unreset before mw.b 0xff322001 0xf07:36
hansfbaierstekern: no :]07:36
hansfbaierstekern: ok great no hang this time07:37
stekernu-boot or kernel?07:38
hansfbaierstekern: BINGO the LEDs light up07:38
hansfbaierstekern: u-boot on write07:39
hansfbaierstekern: I try booting without video first07:39
hansfbaierstekern: GREAT, the kernel boots07:39
hansfbaierstekern: COOL! the vga show a LOGIN PROMPT07:41
hansfbaiernow let's try the penguin07:41
* hansfbaier feels lucky07:41
hansfbaierstekern: hmm blank during boot, but a login prompt. fine for me too. Just a pity I can't use the prompt :) Can I plug a USB keyboard into the OTG? Might work. Let's try.07:44
stekernshould work07:44
stekernI've tried with a mouse07:44
stekernit didn't work in the 3.7 kernel, but in the 3.907:44
hansfbaierstekern: does nothing, not even light up the keyboard leds weird. I'll try another OTG adapter07:45
hansfbaierstekern: Or does it have to be plugged in at boot / cold boot?07:45
stekernno, hotplugging should be fine07:45
hansfbaierstekern: I noticed RasPi & Beaglebone don't like hotplugging very much07:45
hansfbaierstekern: The HPS USB port right?07:46
hansfbaier ++OTG Interrupt: A-Device Timeout Change++07:46
hansfbaierhub 1-0:1.0: Cannot enable port 1.  Maybe the USB cable is bad?07:46
hansfbaierhub 1-0:1.0: Cannot enable port 1.  Maybe the USB cable is bad?07:46
hansfbaierhub 1-0:1.0: Cannot enable port 1.  Maybe the USB cable is bad?07:46
hansfbaierhub 1-0:1.0: Cannot enable port 1.  Maybe the USB cable is bad?07:46
hansfbaierhub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 107:46
hansfbaierReturn key was faster than I...07:46
hansfbaierstekern: but there is a reaction07:47
hansfbaierthat's good07:47
stekernmaybe the USB cable is bad ;)07:47
stekernI had the added fun of not having a real otg cable when I tried to get the mouse working07:48
hansfbaierLogitech keyboard worked07:49
hansfbaiersuper col07:49
stekernadded the extra suspicion that my modified cable was the source of errors07:49
hansfbaierstekern: X WORKS!07:50
hansfbaierstekern: xeyes give me their sweetest look ever...07:50
hansfbaierstekern: Ah yes, but its ARM X, not OpenRISC X, but anyway....07:50
stekernnow you just have to try out booting X on openrisc07:50
hansfbaierbut the VGA is opencores. very cool07:50
hansfbaierstekern: I'd be glad booting linux on openrisc07:51
stekernyou can try this image:
stekernopen up a minicom and connect to ttyS1 and you should get serial console too07:54
stekernuse ' vmlinux-x.bin' to load it07:56
hansfbaierstekern: mouse does not work with X. Weird is a Logitech, should be good07:57
hansfbaierThe mouse always disconnects and reconnects07:58
stekerndunno... I've got a noname mouse, that worked fine07:59
hansfbaierkeyboard not working in X as well08:00
hansfbaiermaybe a problem of the debian08:00
hansfbaieror running a kernel too new08:00
hansfbaierawesome window manager starts up08:00
hansfbaierstekern: looks like the board has no RTC on it...08:01
stekernyeah, no08:02
hansfbaierstekern: The USB is picky. Just plugged in another noname keyboard, didn't want it. Only logitech. Spoiled Brat.08:05
hansfbaierstekern: I plugged in a laptop keypad. He liked it. Not terribly useful though...08:12
hansfbaierstekern: / # uname -a08:58
hansfbaierLinux openrisc 3.11.0-rc3-10832-ga66794b-dirty #306 Sun Sep 29 12:01:58 EEST 2013 openrisc GNU/Linux08:58
hansfbaierstekern: and a nice openrisc-penguin on the VGA08:59
hansfbaierand heartbeat blinkies on the leds...08:59
hansfbaierstekern: next step would be building my own kernel09:00
hansfbaierstekern: Then I would be good to go.09:00
olofkhansfbaier: Congratulations. You are now one of the SoCkittens!09:00
* hansfbaier meaow!09:00
hansfbaierstekern: Will build a new u-boot now that resets wb automatically, sick of typing that in....09:01
olofkI finally did something with my SoCkit last week. I moved it out of a storage box and into the garage. Still far behind you09:01
stekernhansfbaier: yay!09:05
stekernhansfbaier: you can just add the mw to the boot commands, you don't need to build a new u-boot for that09:06
_franck_hansfbaier: now you have to write all you've done somewhere so me and olofk can do the same :)09:06
stekernsetenv bootcmd 'mw 0xff...; run mmcload; run mmcboot'09:07
olofk_franck_: ;)09:07
stekernyeah, we have selfdocumentation09:07
_franck_olofk: true, I forgot we have an online, up-t-date,  documentation09:08
hansfbaierstekern: yay it boots09:16
stekernu-boot that you built?09:20
hansfbaierstekern: yes.09:20
hansfbaierfirst time hang, but after FPGA pgm and a warm reset it worked09:21
hansfbaierwithout having to mw09:21
hansfbaierstekern: How do I compile a kernel for the sockit?09:21
stekernI haven't bothered, the one that came prebuilt have worked fine for me so far09:22
stekernu-boot that is09:22
hansfbaierstekern: Oh I guess you already told me09:22
hansfbaiermake ARCH=arm uImage09:22
hansfbaierstekern: NO, that was hps...09:22
hansfbaierstekern: But for the OpenRISC, which revision do I use? Any magic unpublished patches?09:22
hansfbaierstekern: then next project would be a char driver that pipes from HPS linux to OpenRISC linux.09:23
hansfbaierfun fun fun09:23
stekernnot really, I have some local patches, but they are unrelated to sockit09:23
hansfbaierstekern: Which revision / tag should I use?09:23
stekernso anything should go I think09:24
hansfbaiersame as for the EP4CE10 you gave me09:25
hansfbaierstekern: But different device tree09:25
hansfbaierstekern: need dts for the OpenRISC too. I probably could extract it out of the kernel somehow.09:25
stekernskip the wb_clk, that's related to a local patch09:25
hansfbaier_franck_: Yes, but the self-documentation is quite non-linear sometimes09:42
hansfbaier_franck_: How soon do you want to get to it? I probably would start tomorrow... Today I have too much uptime already.09:43
_franck_don't worry, there is no hurry at all !09:58
hansfbaierstekern: sorry to nag you, which revision/tag do you recommend as a working base for the sockit?10:07
hansfbaierof linux that is...10:07
stekernI have no special suggestions, anything should work10:14
stekerntry jonas master branch10:14
hansfbaierstekern: ok thanks10:19
hansfbaiermany thanks for helping me along10:20
hansfbaiersee you tomorrow10:20
olofk_franck_: When was it you talked about gdb at orconf? I'm trying to summarize the conference, but it's not on the schedule13:29
olofkWas it between OpenRISC for space applications and EurySpace SoC and Modifying the OR1200 for ETH Zürich ?13:30
olofkAnd was there any other presentations that aren't on the schedule? Except for Julius' quickie on jor1k and where to find the IRC channel13:31
_franck_olofk: yes, it was before Modifying the OR1200 for ETH Zürich13:36
olofk_franck_: Thanks13:37
stekernolofk: there was jeremybennett's verilator talk too14:45
_franck_how does the fb works in or1ksim ? it seems like it writes output frames to a file...15:07
stekern_franck_: it doesn't work, at all, in the github or1ksim15:21
stekernthere's a hacked up version in my repo that craves some love though, that framebuffer works, both file output and output to an sdl backend15:26
_franck_ok, that's what I was thinking about, an SDL output15:29
jeremybennett_franck_: stekern is correct - the FB in Or1ksim is just a file writer.15:37
poke53282weston-terminal and weston-flower running18:00
poke53282But *extremely* slow18:01
stekernpoke53282: Congratulations!19:08
stekernwhat was it that made it work?19:08
poke53282these three kernel options.19:09
poke53282I activated only CONFIG_EPOLL. This was the error on sunday.19:10
poke53282they are not available in menuconfig19:10
stekernok, so no patches needed anywhere?19:10
poke53282almost none.
poke53282some problems with uclibc. It does not understand the newest flags for some syscalls19:12
stekernok, cool19:12
poke53282F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC for example19:12
poke53282and of course we need a libffi implementation.19:12
stekernah, yes19:13
poke53282This is enough for wayland19:13
poke53282But far from complete.19:13
poke53282and of course there are some other libraries needed. Especially udev is a big problem.19:14
poke53282I had to remove the __thread from eudev code.19:16
poke53282In the end I could produce tons of race conditions ;)19:30
olof_poke53282: Great work! I guess we should start working on getting EGL running on some of the graphics accelerators19:55
poke53282what graphics accelerators?19:56
olof_poke53282: There are a few. The newest one I know of is probably orgfx on OpenCores. Don't know about the quality of it, and it misses drivers, but it's a start20:00
olof_For your purposes though, I guess it's not very useful since you are not simulating on that level20:00
olof_But for real hardware, that could make a huge difference20:00
olof_Are you running wayland against swrast in mesa, btw?20:01
olof_Or is it directfb?20:01
_franck_men, don't steal my future work ! :) I'm planning to write a directfb driver for an hardware accelerator20:02
poke53282wayland is compiled at the moment without Mesa.20:03
poke53282This is the next step.20:03
poke53282Should be straight forward.20:03
poke53282The official directfb support in wayland is three days old. No I have not used directfb20:04
poke53282_franck_ don't worry. I am not interested in this ... for the moment ;)20:06
_franck_great ! :)20:08
olof__franck_: Don't worry about me. I just wrote my first ten lines of asm code for openrisc yesterday :)20:10
poke53282olofk: And yes, it will use swrast in the end.20:10
olof_poke53282: But you always need a backend for wayland, right? If so, which are you using?20:10
poke53282fbdev-backend and this one is using pixman.20:11
poke53282next step is compiling cairo with gl support. Then glxgears should work. And then  ... we will see.20:11
olof_Ah ok. Just curious. I've been lurking on the wayland list for a few years. It's an interesting project20:12
poke53282Hopefully we will get rid of X soon.20:12
olof_Yes, at least for modern applications. It will probably be around for quite a while20:13
olof_From what I understand it should be a bit better in resource-constrained environments too, so given that we have somee minimal HW acceleration, I guess it would be a wiser choice for OpenRISC where we haven't got very many legacy X apps anyway20:14
poke53282Yes, possible.20:17
poke53282At the moment, cairo is slowing down everything a little bit. Yes, I get everything nice antialiased and smooth. The font looks fantastics. But it needs a lot of resources.20:17
olof_I see what you mean. Anta aliased fonts might not be the highest priority when you are running at a few FPS :)20:20
blueCmdstekern: I never miss a chance to become imortal!20:36
blueCmdso you're welcome20:36
stekernhaha, that's also a way to put it ;)20:40
poke53282blueCmd: The only way to become really immortal is to proof some mathematical theorems20:46
olof_It's much easier to become immoral. I do that all the time20:49
poke53282and how?20:55
olof_Stealing from poor people, drinking, littering, killing people just to name a few20:58
olof_I don't do all that though :)20:58
poke53282Jack the Ripper is well known and maybe the next thousand years too. So, why not.  ;)21:00
olof_Yeah, he behaved pretty immoral21:01
_franck_poke53282: is it normal ?21:22
poke53282no, never seen21:25
poke53282Yes, I have seen it.21:25
poke53282Remove the #error. That should solve it21:25
_franck_well, ok, we can do that21:27
poke53282If someone wants to try, feel free21:30
poke53282The the best is the asm.js core for both browsers21:31
poke53282not much to do. You can move flowers around21:31
poke53282weston is really really limited at the moment.21:34
poke53282Some windows can't be closed.21:35
_franck_poke53282: remove #error did the trick. But I moved to a more recent busybox and it doesn't need this trick anymore21:48
_franck_thanks anyway21:48
hansfbaierWork in progress:
hansfbaier_franck_: ^21:55
hansfbaiermore later21:55
_franck_stekern: about this "Warning: unable to open an initial console" I asked you last time, seems the initramfs from arch/openrisc/support doesn't work for me....21:55
_franck_stekern: using a custom initramfs works:
_franck_hansfbaier: awesome21:56
hansfbaier_franck_: Not much in there yet, but more is to come today21:57
_franck_we don't see doc that often, this is very good21:58
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