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stekern_franck_: I think that should be possible03:49
stekernthere a slight risk that we have to modify the FIFO for it to work, but I think it might be ok as is03:50
stekernI'll take a little deeper look03:50
stekernah, no sorry, it's the bufram that uses that I assume04:52
stekernbut anyway, it *should* work, the generic ram has a different behaviour now when I look at it04:55
stekernit always return old data04:55
stekernis that supported by cyclone II?04:55
stekernperhaps it can't...04:57
stekerncyclone v can't at least04:57
stekernI had to do a change like this to mor1kx for that:
stekernbut "read new" should be "better" for the bufram, so I think you can change that without worries04:58
stekernwe need to change the generic RAM to have the same behaviour too04:59
stekernhmm, a question about version numbers... now we have v1.0 of mor1kx05:42
stekernand I have created a seperate mor1kx_v1 branch, where the idea would be that we roll in critical bug fixes and stable stuff for upcoming v1.105:42
stekernmaster is moving towards 2.0, i.e. new features and other crazy stuff go there05:43
stekernthe question is: what should the version number of master be?05:43
stekernright now it's "1.0", but that feels wrong05:44
stekernperhaps our major releases should always start at 1.1, and x.0 indicating that it's the crazy stuff05:47
stekerna bit like gcc05:47
stekernI mean, always start at x.105:48
stekernso, a major release would start with a git tag just pointing to a "normal commit" and a new branch, no update in the mor1kx-defines06:02
stekerna major x.0 release, and then when enough "stuff" have built up on that we do the x.1 release with update in mor1kx-defines06:04
stekernand right after a x.0 tag would follow a mor1kx-define updating the x to x+106:04
stekernjuliusb: are you reading this, what do you think?06:05
stekern <= perhaps a bit more coherent description of what I tried to say above06:25
olofkstekern: I *think* that bufhit & (&buf_clean_wb) has problems in startup. Could be that it never enters the first write because the condition isn't fulfilled until after a write06:32
olofkOr something like that06:32
olofk_franck_: I think it would be great to have test benches for all cores/systems in orpsocv3, but that's up to the creator06:32
stekernolofk: hmm, but that *should* be handled by the first_req06:33
olofkstekern again: I'm having the same problems with orpsocv3. My says 3.0 now, but I'm also thinking about using odd minor numbers to indicate that it's a version between releases06:33
olofkDidn't try bufhit & refill_busy. Will do that right away06:34
stekernolofk: what I have in mind is more of x.0 == unstable,  x.1..x.n == stable06:35
olofkLike KDE? :)06:35
stekernI'm not familiar with the KDE release process06:36
stekernbut that would fit in to what our v1.0 release is06:36
stekernand to how we work06:36
olofkJust joking. There was so much complaints about KDE 4.0.06:37
olofkThat could be a good thing for ORPSoCv3 as well06:38
olofkIt's more of a beta release now really06:38
stekernit breaks the "I want to do a release, but I'd like to get what I'm working on done first" pattern06:38
olofkI agree06:39
stekernI mean, we're laid back people, our releases need to be laid back ;)06:40
olofkI rerun the test bench with (bufhit & !refill_busy) and I get the exact same results06:45
stekern"exact same results" as in 'bufhit & (&bufclean_wb)' or '(.. & (bufhit | ....)) & !refill_busy'?06:58
_franck_stekern: so we have cyclone II fifo that can return old data but can't return new data AND cyclone V which is exactly the oposite....great !07:08
stekernsans fifo07:09
stekernso cyclone II rams can only do old data?07:09
stekernnote, that the NEW_DATA_WITH_NBE_READ is actually an read-before-write07:11
stekern=> 'old-data'07:11
stekernbut I think any behaviour should be ok for the bufram07:13
stekernwe write into bufram at WRITE, then go back to IDLE and then into READ in write-read sequence07:14
stekernin a07:14
_franck_ok I'll take a closer look. I thought NEW_DATA_WITH_NBE_READ was new data. Anyway, with NEW_DATA_WITH_NBE_READ quartus is not happy at all07:14
stekernso there should be a 2-cycle latency from the data been written to it's read, so the new data should in either case have time to propagate07:15
_franck_stekern: ok, we just need to find something generic enough to avoid hacking your files everytime we change the targetted FPGA07:16
stekernmaybe the TARGET parameter could be more precise, like ALTERA_CYCLONE207:17
olofkThat sounds like a plan07:18
_franck_I think so07:18
stekernand you just add a ram that fits your device07:18
olofkXilinx have the same problem. V5/V6 FIFOs differ quite a bit07:18
stekernlet's do that, and let the old ALTERA fall back to ALTERA_CYCLONE407:19
olofkOne of my early ideas with orpsocv3 was to build a FIFO library where all FIFOs had a common interface and let orpsoc choose the correct fifo with the depend parameter in the .core file07:19
stekernactually, the parameter name was 'TECHNOLOGY' not 'TARGET', but same logic applies ;)07:21
juliusbstekern: (mor1kx version stuff) I think that's fine07:21
juliusbso the version number is only updated in the tagged version?07:21
stekernjuliusb: yes and no. did you read the pastie?07:22
juliusbyes, still not 100% clear I guess07:22
juliusbbut master is always .0?07:22
juliusband tag07:22
juliusbtags are .1 .2 etc?07:22
stekernlet's break it down to what we have now instead of x and y's07:23
stekern1.0 is now in mor1kx_v1, the first commit where mor1kx_v1 branched off from master is tagged as v1.007:24
stekernthe commit after the v1.0 tag in master updates MOR1KX_VERSION_MAJOR to 207:25
_franck_why don't you make it like linux (old numbering) : 1.0 is tagged, you fix something here and you have 1.0.1. You tag a version with new feature and you have 1.2 then fix it it becomes 1.2.107:25
stekern_franck_: isn't that exactly what I proposed?07:26
stekernor close to at least07:27
stekernwe only have two numbers to play with07:27
_franck_let me read your file more carefuly ;)07:30
stekernjuliusb: so basically what I want to do right now at this moment is to push a commit that changes MOR1KX_VERSION_MAJOR to 207:31
stekernbut that does *not* mean we have released mor1kx v2.007:32
stekernonly when we tag a commit as v2.0 and create a mor1kx_v2 branch07:32
stekernis that clearer?07:32
_franck_it is for me07:33
stekernit seems like the most logical thing to do, since we are working on mor1kx v2.0 in master07:35
juliusbsorry, not ignoring you, be back a bit later!07:52
juliusba bit hectic packing and have to power off this machine...07:52
juliusb(well, not this one, but the one im using to attach to this!)07:52
knzgot my de0 nano today \o/08:00
stekernanother way of looking at it is of course "we are working ontop of v1.0 towards v2.0 in master" and just let the MOR1KX_VERSION_MAJOR stay 1 until we release v2.008:01
stekernI'm not sure which is best, that's why I'm asking08:01
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 1 new commit to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 4494012 Stefan Kristiansson: cappuccino/ctrl: fix stepping through mispredicted branches...08:04
stekernknz: yay!08:05
knzstekern: now I get to try your stuff :)08:05
knzbut at the moment I have a bit of ire against all these fpga vendors that only release binaries for their tools08:05
knzit seems I can't work unless I ahve some intel processors around08:05
knz*and* forces me to a specific combination of cpu/OS08:08
knzthe only intel box I ahve around runs freebsd08:08
knzwhat an annoyance08:08
stekernyes, that *is* an annoyance08:34
stekernolofk: orpsocv3 handholding bitte, I'm not sure I understand the orpsoc.conf thing09:16
stekernif I'm in orpsoc-cores, where should that be located?09:17
stekerndo I even need it?09:18
stekernI've installed orpsoc to my system09:19
stekernbecause, as I understand how orpsocv3 works: orpsoc is the powerful build system, it should "just-work", users should not need to be concerned about how it works09:21
stekernorpsoc-cores is more of the old traditional orpsoc, where the actual cores and SoC live, right09:22
stekernso, all my concentration after I've installed orpsoc should be in orpsoc-cores09:24
_franck_orpsoc.conf tells orpsoc where orpsoc-cores is located09:29
_franck_stekern: right09:30
stekernok, but by default it looks in ./, right?09:30
_franck_the default we have in openrisc github looks in ../ I think09:32
stekernolofk: not so nice feature - a typo in one of the systems in orpsoc-cores will break all other systems as well09:32
stekernor one of the systems .core file09:33
stekernyou might notice bugs quicker that way though ;)09:34
olofkstekern: Really?09:37
knzthe de0 comes with this use 3.9GB software package from altera -- is this all necessary?09:37
olofkknz: Unfortunately, yes09:38
olofkI think the Xilinx stuff is close to 12GB nowadays09:38
stekernolofk: not an existing typo, a typo in my sockit.core file09:38
knzwhat part of this do you need to simply compile some verilog/vhdl modules an upload them to the board?09:38
olofkstekern: Oh, really? I thought it should just silently ignores that file then (which is also quite bad)09:38
olofkknz: All of it basically09:39
knzdon't tell me I have to use a GUI in my workflow09:39
stekernknz: fortunately no09:39
olofkNo, you don't. I guess you can remove the GUI parts if you like, but it's probably quite integrated with the CLI tools09:39
olofkYou don't get any options to disable the GUI at install time09:40
knzwhat's the typical place-and-route compute time for a typical orpsoc?09:40
stekernaltera tools are actually pleasently workable from the command line (in comparison to xilinx tools)09:40
olofkLess than an hour I would say09:40
stekernknz: on my machine, to build the de0_nano takes ~20 min09:40
knzis there a tutorial somewhere already?09:41
olofkstekern: Amen that. I'm especially pissed of by their forceful line breaking in the log files09:41
stekernhow to build it?09:41
stekernknz: cd orpsocv2/boards/altera/de0_nano/syn/quartus/run/ && make all09:42
stekernand to program the board: make pgm09:42
olofk_franck_: Have you tried to build your de1 with orpsocv3 yet? I've been worried that it has bitrotted since I last tried it09:42
knzI'll check it in a moment09:42
knzmany thanks09:43
olofkstekern: What happens when you have a typo? I'm a bit curious about that09:46
_franck_olofk: yes I built it and it runs09:55
_franck_only problem I had was the wb_data_resize09:55
olofk_franck_: That's great to hear10:00
olofkstekern: Weird. Have to check it out. I guess that the sockit isn't in the dependency path of or1200-generic either10:01
olofk_franck_: I got your pull request. It scared the hell out of me, because I don't know what to do with it :)10:02
_franck_:) I just canceled it since I have access to the orpsoccores repo10:03
olofkYou do?10:04
olofkCan everyone in the openrisc group write to all repos?10:04
stekernhmm, yeah, but I'd say it's not advisibl to just push into others repos like that10:04
olofkhmm.. one annoying thing about the python docs is that I can't find info on which exceptions that a function can raise10:05
stekernolofk: no, but when you create a new repo, the default is that everybody can10:05
_franck_stekern: that's what I thought when I did it10:05
_franck_should have wait10:05
stekernso you have to manually give finer grained access rights10:07
olofk_franck_: Ahh.. I see that I messed up on the ordering in wb_data_resize.10:09
olofkThat thing should have a test bench too :(10:09
stekernolofk: I'll create an 'orpsoc' group for you and add orpsoc and orpsoc-cores into that10:10
olofk_franck_: All patches for orpsoc-cores look good btw10:11
olofkstekern: Is that a completely new group, or like an ACL in the openrisc group?10:11
stekernactually, the correct term is 'team'10:13
stekernthat's not it... right?10:14
olofkAccess Control List10:15
stekernyeah, I got it from the second entry google gave me10:15
olofkI told a guy at work that I had written a BFM. He came back after a google search and asked if I had written a Big Furry Monster10:15
hansfbaierknz: A great tutorial is here:
stekernTLAs are a bitch10:16
olofkNo, I don't like the Theatre of Living Arts either10:16
hansfbaierknz: building orpsoc for my ep4ce10 takes about 7 minutes on my machine10:17
stekernolofk: no, I meant Textile Labour Association10:17
stekernolofk: "exact same results" as in 'bufhit & (&bufclean_wb)' or '(.. & (bufhit | ....)) & !refill_busy'?10:24
knzhansfbaier: many thanks again10:24
hansfbaierknz: y/w10:25
olofkstekern: Test 1: Added &!refill_busy to the original if. Test 2: Added (bufhit & !refill_busy) instead. Same results10:27
stekerni.e. 'bufhit & !refill_busy' works?10:28
stekernbut 'bufhit & (&buf_clean_wb)' doesn't...10:29
olofkBut bufhit is already included elswhere in that if statement, so it might actually be the same logic10:29
olofkYes, that's also correct10:29
stekernumm, where in the if statement is bufhit already included?10:30
olofkShould the buffers be dirty on startup? Because with your wtf solution, it only runs a few cycles10:30
stekernbuffers are dirty on startup10:30
olofkend else if (wb_cyc_i & wb_stb_i & wb_we_i &10:31
olofk     (bufhit | first_req |10:31
olofk      buf_adr != wb_adr_i[31:BUF_WIDTH+2]) & !refill_busy) begin10:31
stekernbut first_req is asserted until first read10:31
olofkI could analyze it a bit more, but I need to clean some things up first10:32
stekernolofk: to be clear, this is the change I was proposing:
olofkThat I haven't tried :)10:33
olofk6000 transactions so far10:36
olofk...and 20000! Seems to work10:37
olofkTest case runs for 67 simulated seconds with ps accuracy. Thank god we have fast servers here :)10:40
olofkMy plan now is to clean up the test bench so you can put it in wb_sdram_ctrl10:43
stekernsounds like the best plan I've heard today10:43
olofkOne problem however is that I don't want to duplicate my wishbone transactor (as I'm using the one in orpsoc's wb_bfm core). Is it ok to just put a note in wb_sdram_ctrl that extra files are needed to simulate it, and give pointers to the orpsoc-cores repo10:44
olofkFor those who want to use it stand-alone10:44
olofkI'll probably split out wb_bfm from orpsoc-cores at some point too.10:45
olofkAnother solution is to add a copy of the needed files from wb_bfm to wb_sdram_ctrl, but not list the in the .core file10:46
olofkBut I'm so fucking tired of all this duplication10:46
stekernI'm ok with both solutions10:47
_franck_I used the last solution for jtag_vpi10:54
olofkI prefer the first solution, but I'm totally ok with the second too. It's important not to make orpsoc try to dictate what people's cores should look like10:57
knz15GB filesystem required for the tutorial... gee11:02
olofkknz: Welcome to the world of EDA11:04
knztbh I find this a bit ridiculous11:09
knzapparently all the possible features are installed, but only get activated with license files11:09
knzthis is 1980's computing11:09
knzunrelated: is there an i2c controller in the orpsoc?11:14
olofkYes. The EDA world is terrible in this regard. We have to liberate the EDA world one tool at a time. For now, most focus is on the simulators11:14
olofkYes, therei is11:14
knznext step, I need to acquire an usb to rs232 adapter11:15
knzthis feels like a dungeon quest really11:15
stekernolofk: fwiw, I don't know what BFM stands for neither...11:16
olofkusb to rs232 convereters you can get from anywhere for less than $1011:16
olofkstekern: Bus Functional Model11:16
olofkknz: But most of the are of questionable quality11:16
knz"now, roll a d2^34 for the quartus install. If you roll <10GB, go back to step 2, 'configure your VB instance'"11:17
stekernlast I asked you, you accused me for not reading your blog post, but you just use the acronym there too11:17
olofkstekern: I actuallly got a post in the works where I explain more about BFMs11:17
knzolofk: so what converter would you advise if most are crap?11:18
stekernolofk: looking forward to it ;)11:18
olofkknz: I haven't got one myself actually, so I would say buy two of different brands. Just in case11:18
olofkAt least if you are planning on ordering them.11:19
knzdoes the orpsoc uart controller drive the pins using ttl?11:24
knzor can I use a regular adapter?11:24
stekernit's ttl11:24
olofkknz: That depends on the FPGA. You set the I/O standard for each pin11:24
knzde0 nano11:25
knzdefault conf11:25
olofkThen stekern's answer is most certainly correct :)11:25
stekernolofk: I think he means ttl vs rs23211:26
knz <- I'm considering getting this one11:27
olofkAh yes. rs232 that has the fun concept where -3 to -15 is a logical one, and +3 to +15 is a logical zero11:28
_franck_with this you have TTL to USB:
stekernor this:
knzlooks good11:36
_franck_olofk: how does modelsim simulation works in orpsocv3 regarding altera libraries ?11:37
olofk_franck_: I haven't started working on that yet11:40
olofkI think that some extra tags in the .core file is needed, becuase you need to specify the location with vlib, and then load the libs on the command line with -L11:41
stekernstill confused about where to be when building a system...11:43
stekernand the orpsoc.conf11:44
stekernI have a skeleton sockit system now11:44
stekernif I'm in orpsoc-cores/ and run 'orpsoc build sockit'11:45
stekernit populates a build/ directory11:45
stekernand then quartus start to scream: Can't analyze file -- file build/sockit/src/wb_intercon/wb_arbiter.v is missing11:46
olofkThat's odd11:47
olofkWhat's in your orpsoc.conf?11:48
stekernI don't have one11:48
stekernthat's the question, where should it be?11:48
stekernand why do I need one?11:48
olofkOk... do like this:11:49
olofkCreate an empty sibling directory to orpsoc-cores11:50
olofkCreate an orpsoc.conf there and put in:11:50
olofkcores_root =../orpsoc-cores/cores11:50
olofksystems_root =../orpsoc-cores/systems11:50
_franck_stekern: can't help you, I didn't installed orpsoc. Just run it in my orpsoc install directory11:50
olofkYou shouldn't normally run stuff from your orpsoc-cores dir11:51
olofkThe whole working directory can be considered a throw-away directory11:51
stekernwhy not?11:51
olofkYou are of course free to run it from there if you want11:51
olofkHmm.. come to think of it. If orpsoc finds the directories systems and cores in your pwd, it uses them11:52
olofkBecause that was how it used to be before I split up the repos11:52
stekernyes it does, and that's what seems like the most inituitive11:52
olofkYou should view orpsoc-cores as your portage tree basically11:53
stekernalso, running in orpsoc-cores also seems the most intuitive11:53
olofkAnd nothing of this explain the missing wb_arbiter file11:54
stekernit complains about all the files11:54
stekernbecause it's not a absolute path11:54
stekern(I guess)11:54
olofkWeird. It should be absolute paths everywhere11:55
stekernI'll try building outside orpsoc-cores11:55
knzok I will get first an extra hard drive before anything else11:56
olofkhmm.. it looks like it's actually not using absolute files11:56
stekernit founds them in the out of orpsoc-cores tree build11:58
olofkok. You just found a bug. Thanks11:58
olofkA patch will be available in the paid support for ORPSoCv3 Enterprise11:58
stekernI assume to get that I have to install the ORPSoCv3 update suite?12:00
olofkORPSoCv3 Enterprise is basically a Java version of ORPSoCv3 where you write all your configurations in Excel files that gets passed to the backend with CORBA12:00
olofkAnd yes. The update suite also adds the ORPSoCv3 browser toolbar12:01
stekernthat sounds excellent, and how big is the update suite?12:01
stekernif it's less than 10GB, we can't consider it being serious12:01
olofkWe usually send it on 373 Zip Discs12:02
stekernbut we only have ez drive readers...12:02
stekernmschulze: hi!12:03
mschulzetuesday I had my final exam and now I'm adding copyright and licensing to all my files :-( I seriously want to automate that.12:03
olofkThat's a problem. ORPSoCv3 EE is only supported on Windows CE, and they don't have any ez drive drivers12:03
mschulzeare you playing an RPG here?12:04
stekernhaha, kind of ;)12:04
knzseriously, I'm considering proposing a meta-package with the board + development system already installed and ready to use12:05
knzon usb stick or something12:06
mschulzeit's funny to read it' but 10 GB sounds small for me...12:06
knzmschulze: I generate terabytes of data in my architecture research with a toolchain that weighs less than 100MB12:06
knzthe biggest two programs I ever used were civ4 and diablo 3, and they are full of graphics / cinematics12:07
knzI can't fathom what all these altera gigabytes are for12:07
mschulzeknz: that's what toolchains are meant to be used for... producing data :-)12:07
mschulzeyou are complaining about the altera "thing" that ships on a neverending download disk?12:08
knzI got a CD with the de012:08
knzthen I was greeted with a windows-y installer that asked me for 9GB of disk space right away12:09
mschulzebut your CD is out of date!!!12:09
knzhow should I know?12:09
mschulzeyeah, how should you...12:10
knzhence my idea to propose a dev package with batteries included12:10
knzI might actually volunteer to do just that12:10
olofkknz: Problem is that you probably can't redistribute the Altera files12:10
knzdoesn't matter, if I can automate the install12:11
olofkAt ORSoC we provided a VM image (it's on opencores) that contained all the open source tools with instructions  on how to get the altera stuff12:11
mschulzewell I've been asked to provision a VM with qartus and the full nios 2 toolchain :-(12:11
knzanyway, fun has stopped for today12:11
mschulzeand found this earlier...12:12
knzI have to wait for my order to arrive12:12
knzrs232 adapter + extra hard drive12:12
knzso you say I should just throw my install away already, and just re-download everything from the altera web site?12:14
mschulzeI got a short question: how does this github "organization" thing work? I created an account but cannot find a button to join.12:14
olofkmschulze: Now that's a hacky solution for automation :)12:14
olofkAnd windows only I guess12:14
olofkmschulze: First rule of the OpenRISC organization: You don't talk about the OpenRISC organization ;)12:14
mschulzeknz: no! you can allways use the old versions that shipped with the boards.12:15
mschulzeI was just kidding, sorry.12:15
knzoh well12:16
mschulzeolofk: as the linux version actually is a windows version that comes with wine... and the installer is an windows installer running under the same wine...12:16
knzI knew from my colleagues that the situation with xilinx was not all rosy, but it seems it's barely better with altera12:16
olofkmschulze: Haha. I hadn't noticed that12:16
stekernknz: sadly, it's a magnitude better with altera12:16
knzI think this is appalling12:16
olofkThought it was native QT12:16
mschulzeolofk: okay, I learn the first rule and will come back later :-D12:17
knzso all the synthesis tools are windows binaries wrapped around by wine?12:17
mschulzeknz: yes.12:17
* knz goes to throw up12:17
knzmy. my12:18
* olofk goes through knz's vomits to see if there is anything worth stealing there12:18
mschulzedon't give up, you will adopt to quartus soon...12:18
knzover my dead body12:18
knznb: the entire process is motivated by a longer term project to design a configurable chip which does not require EDA tools12:19
stekernmschulze: I assume this is you:
knzmy work will succeed when I can throw all this away12:19
mschulzestekern: i have to admit that I would have registered this account if another mschulze wouldn't have been faster... that is me12:21
mschulzeknz: you can omit the installation of the Cyclone V family if you don't use it, that will save you ~500 MB of download and even a bit more disk sp12:24
knzI already did that12:25
knzI will soon get a parallela board12:25
knzwith a Zinq 7020 on12:25
knzthat's also from altera, right?12:25
stekernmschulze: congratulations, you are now a member of the sacred "organisation"12:26
stekernknz: no, that's xilinx12:26
mschulzeone more toolchain to install...12:27
olofkI'm grateful that I don't have to deal with the Actel toolchain any more at least. _That_ was a serious pain12:27
stekernhaha, no, the quartus binaries are not windows binaries wrapped around by wine12:27
stekernolofk: the kidder has been kidded ;)12:28
olofkahh... :)12:28
mschulzequartus is native linux?12:29
mschulze:-O it looks so unfamilliar...12:29
olofkOh yes. Come to think of it. I talked to some of the Altera guys when Quartus 10 was in prerelease, and they showed me their fancy new QT gui12:30
olofkThe old one might have been a windows one running through Wind/U12:31
mschulzewait, I confused it with modelsim :-D12:34
olofkBut modelsim is written in TK, isn't it?12:34
mschulzeokay, it might be an error in my brain, I will run an integrity check12:39
stekernolofk: are wildcards supported in the 'src_files =' directive?12:46
olofkstekern: It's on my TODO list12:47
stekernok, that wasn't obvious to me that that implies "wildcards in src_files"12:50
olofkOh.. you're so stupid!12:51
olofkThat is totally obvious12:51
stekernthat's my biggest shortcoming, being stupid ;)12:52
olofksorry. That was mostly a note-to-self file that happened to get added to the git repo at one point. Should probably clean that up ab it12:52
stekernon the upside, I've heard that depression and insanity is far more common for intelligent people12:53
stekernso I just take that as you calling me a "happy and sane guy"12:53
mschulzeI have to bother one of my Professors, brb13:01
stekernbut, great it's on the todo list13:04
stekernthe mor1kx core description is broken right now and I bet there will be a bit of a pita to keep those src_files lists up-to-date13:05
olofkYes, it's especially handy to have wildcard support when you're developing a core13:26
olofkAnd just to make the core files quick to write13:26
olofkBut first on the list now is to finish the support for getting a certain tag/commit from github13:27
olofkThen I'll probably add library support13:27
olofkfor modelsim13:27
olofkDid anyone see the forum post on opencores for the typo in or1200_alu?14:07
stekernyes, and the patch looked correct15:22
hnoolofk, why spending time on makeing something that gets a specific commit? git has it built-in as submodules18:31
stekern_franck_: why do you have the intgen in your de1 port?19:50
_franck_nothing I need to remove it19:54
_franck_about my dpram problem, I did a patch and a pull request for you. Tell me what do you think of this20:10
--- Log closed Fri Sep 06 00:00:43 2013

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