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stekernI'm looking for a (linux) benchmark that would stress the mmu, does anyone know of such?07:19
stekernwe have pretty decent coremark score under linux now btw, 1.66/MHz07:21
stekernwe get the same with sw tlb reload though, since the test doesn't cause any tlb misses07:22
juliusboh, that's a bit unexpected! I would have thought it would cause them09:45
juliusbI have a nice neat TCM interface module now10:02
juliusbso it goes cpu->tcm_if->bus_if10:04
stekernand if it's not used, it just acts as a passthrough I assume?13:55
stekernand coremark works so, that it preruns the tests a couple of rounds to determine how many rounds it should run the actual test13:56
stekernso caches and tlbs are nicely preloaded13:57
stekernso, actually, the idea of trying to cheat by running it twice to have things loaded in cache wouldn't make a difference13:59
juliusbah of course!14:13
juliusb(tcm passthrough) yes, a generate loop in there makes sure no logic is ineferred14:14
juliusbhaving trouble with a combinatorial loop though, according to verilator14:15
juliusbunoptflat thing, at least14:15
juliusbxst doesn't think it's a combinatorial loop (does it report them, though - has been a while since I've used it. Synplify certainly does!)14:15
stekernI think it does, but verilator seems more sensitive18:19
stekernI got around a couple by using assign a = b ? c : d; instead of always @* muxes18:21
stekernbut IMO gerilator was just confused, marking those as comb loops18:22
stekernverilator even18:22
stekernhmm, interesting, linux 3.11 doesn't boot on my "default" atlys orpsoc (the one I had at orconf 2012)20:31
stekernwith or120020:32
stekernit boots with mor1kx20:32
stekerna lot of things that might be off though, I have a lot of hacks ontop of jonas tree20:33
stekernand I haven't tried with a or1200 build of the same orpsoc I'm running now20:33
stekernbut at least the hw tlb reload stuff boots on the atlys, that was I wanted to try ;)20:34
stekernseems to be my stuff, jonas tree boots on or120021:03
stekerninteresting enough, *that* crashes mor1kx21:03
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