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stekernjuliusb: I'm not sure, I was looking at saturday morning, there is a norwegian air flight arriving 08:3503:14
stekernhno: I try to avoid ryanair the best I can, and it's even easier here in helsinki since they don't fly from here =P03:26
stekernI think they do from Tampere though, but I probably lose the time and money saved from the flight on the trains in finland03:27
stekernblindly increasing the number of mmu sets to 128 seems to work out of the box03:42
stekernI guess it hasn't been done on or1200 since it's hardcoded to 64 all over the place there...03:43
* stekern wonders how I can properly benchmark this04:35
stekernI probably should have put that in third person since I did the /me =P04:36
juliusbstekern: ah right, that "Helsinki" airport is really near Helsinki?09:06
juliusboh, they don't even claim to have a Helsinki airport09:07
juliusbI'm trying to look at Ryan Air's route map but I have to install Silverlight09:08
stekernthe airport is actually in Vantaa, but it's called helsinki airport.09:10
juliusbI always enjoy installing that sort of stuff just to get some basic information09:10
stekernbut it's only 20km from helsinki city center09:13
stekernisn't that in line with the normal ryan air way of doing things? basic service requires some extra effort09:15
stekernusually in the form of payment09:16
juliusbfortunately I didn't have to pay with anything other than some hard disk space and time to see their route map09:19
juliusbthat's not a bad idea though - 1 euro to see their route map09:20
stekernyou better put down you irc logs from the www, otherwise you'll just give them new ideas...09:20
juliusbOh, yes, I will scrub that from the record, then...09:22
olofkjuliusb: I'll either drop down 22:45 on friday or 11:15 on saturday. Both times are a bit later than what I had hoped for. Where should I look for transportation between Stansted and Cambridge?18:47
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