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stekernyes, "reproducible", it seems it always crashes in __pagevec_lru_add_fn02:17
stekernbut on different load/store instructions02:17
stekernand it's not reproducible in that sense that it is some test that triggers it, it's either while ftping or doing chmod +x02:19
stekernthe net emulation is flaky too, I get a lot of these: nfs: server not responding, still trying02:21
stekernand "NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 (ethoc): transmit queue 0 timed out"02:22
stekernon the bright side, I've got the kernel telling me about the pgd instead of pulling the information out of vmlinux02:24
stekernI'm still puzzled about the MMUCR stuff in spr_defs.h03:00
stekernI've looked through old arch specs, and none of them mentions what's in spr_defs.h03:01
stekerneven or1200 manual from 2001 speaks about PTBP03:02
stekernlinux doesn't exactly the arch specs definition of the page table entries03:35
stekern*exactly follow03:35
stekernmore precisely:
poke53281Don't know. Ask Jonas. The specification is probably wrong and was inconsistent for some time. Who knows. In principle I would trust the implementation and not the specification. Normally there is a reason.06:05
poke53281stekern: One idea, you could try the QEMU user mode emulation.06:06
poke53281If this works the tests will be easy and fast.06:06
poke53281For some reason my qemu still does not work.06:09
stekernon what should I ask Jonas?06:11
stekernthe spr_defs?06:11
stekernthey make no sense in the header file06:12
stekernas for the Linux vs spec pte differences, I understand those, and other archs (with soft tlb refill) does this kind of thing too06:13
stekernrunning it in user space qemu has crossed my mind too, right now I was mostly concerned with testing this hw tlb refill thing though07:14
stekern(qemu-user) doesn't seem to work properly with dynamic libraries07:22
stekernstatic executables run fine07:22
stekernlooks like the odd xMMUCR spr defines in spr_defs.h have been there since year 2000, probably some very early draft idea that has just lingered around since no-one have used the xMMUCR registers until now11:01
olofkstekern: You look gorgeous now. :)22:34
olofkJust pushed another patch for or1200-monitor23:04
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