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stekernI'm a bit tempted to do a qsys wrapper for mor1kx07:11
olofkstekern: I cleared all GPRs in the RTL code instead. That should have the same effect, right?08:57
olofkAnd I can see in the trace log that all register contain valid values08:58
olofkAnd you should do an orpsocv3 core description file instead of wasting time on a qsys wrapper ;)08:58
olofkHas anyone seen the HIVE CPU that was posted to OpenCores, btw? Someone has put an insane amount of work into the Design Specification, but I can't really tell if it's any good09:00
stekerndon't you already have that (orpsocv3 mor1kx desc file)09:28
stekernanyways, no offense, but I believe the qsys user base is > orpsocv3 ;)09:28
stekernand I'd like to just drop it into the sockits golden reference design09:39
olofkYeah I know.  I would be cool to have a qsys file and there is already a orpsocv3 core file. It's just my marketing department that tried to go viral with a little astroturfing09:46
olofkI take it that you have had some time to play with sockit then?09:47
stekernnot much more than hooking it up to the computer10:00
olofkMy six week vacation starts next week. I hope to have time to do some real work then10:06
stekernI'm on my 1 week vacation now10:19
stekernbut I decided to make it hack-free10:20
stekernsome light reading up on qsys descriptions doesn't count as hacking ;)10:20
GusBrickeri feel like i miss alot of chat on this channel10:20
GusBrickermaybe my irc client is misconfigured10:21
GusBrickeri seem to see all your posts stekern, but not many other peoples10:21
stekernmaybe it's just because of my mastery of monologues...10:30
stekernbut there's public logs if you want to crosscheck:
olofkGusBricker: I often see that you lose your connection10:32
jeremybennettOne of our local Universities is looking for challenging final year projects for their CS/EE students. Any suggestions for something around OpenRISC very welcome.12:14
olofkjeremybennett: How about trying to merge the mailing lists? :)12:16
jeremybennettHaha - they only have four months to work on this!12:16
jeremybennettSomething like implementing a superscalar multicore version of OpenRISC would be easier :)12:16
olofkNot sure if this would be a good project, but I'm looking for utility functions, like a proper crossbar interconnect, soft ddr2/3 controller, IP-xact tools12:21
olofkAnd it would be cool to drop in verilated IP cores that can be used as plugins in or1ksim12:22
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hnostekern, can you run openrisc-3.9 linux version on your boards? Fails just after setting up ttyS0 for me on two different boards. But do work in or1ksim with a kernel warning "WARNING: at kernel/softirq.c:160" at about there..19:09
hnosame symptom with current mainline.19:47
hnoopenrisc-3.8 do boot, but with the same softirq warning.20:04
stekernhno: I don't think I've ran 3.9 yet on any board22:54
stekernas for the warning, this patch should fix that:
stekernI'm counting on jonibo including it in his next pull request =P22:57
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