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jeremy_bennettstekern: YW09:28
stekernjuliusb: your "hammer with timer interrupt" strategy is pretty effective, my branch prediction code took anything I threw at it, right up until I put in your tick timer routines to spice things up14:31
stekernok, now that bug is fixed14:53
stekernanother benefit of writing the test: espresso doesn't pass it14:57 linux on atlys boots nicely again15:24
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stekernhno: googling on the allwinner a31 and openrisc I found some "gossip" claiming it is called "ar1000" and handles low level tasks like interrupts etc17:40
stekernI wonder if they did an own implementation or if they took one of the already existing ones17:41
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hnostekern_, yes their internal code name for the OpenRISC core is ar100, but they use similar code names for all their stuff (a[someletter][3 or 4 digits])18:57
hnothen marketing slaps some other names on the complete SoC.18:58
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