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stekernjuliusb: to give you a heads up what I'm doing at the moment, I'm trying to move some decoding logic away from other stages than decode01:15
stekernright now I'm looking at recoding the lsu operation into a 'length' command (basically just showing if it's a b, h or w access)01:19
stekernI've got two reasons for doing this 1) the lsu is now the last user of the opc_insn in control stage 2) the lsu operation decoding in the lsu is in a pretty critical path01:22
stekernthe lsu op encodings are really stupid btw...01:33
stekernok, I got my lumia 820 now, testing ssh client pro12:38
stekernit at least works when the screen is locked12:39
stekernanz has the nice feature "run command on connect", which of course is screen -rd12:41
mschulzeHi, can you tell me if the ORPSoCv2 version is completely obsolete? I read that the actual version is ORPSoCv3...14:41
stekernmschulze: orpsocv2 is not obsoƶete yet15:36
mschulzestekern: that's good news as I use it in my bachelor thesis and don't want to do all that work for nothing...15:38
larksrough question, how does OR with no FPU, MMU, or caches compare to something like amber in terms of size(FPGA in this case)?   I know I'm not going to get a a firm answer, but I'm just looking for a rough estimate.16:47
stekernlarks: that depends on the or implementation, the latest numbers I have in my head is 3500 LC on an altera cyclone IV, and that was mor1kx-espresso17:00
stekernI'm not familiar at all with amber, so I have no numbers on that17:00
stekernmor1kx-cappuccino was about 3800 LC with the configuration you mentioned17:02
larkshhmm, I see.17:03
larksthanks stekern17:03
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