IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2013-02-16

stekernyay, mor1kx now boots linux without doing "false" bus errors18:04
stekerni.e. the fetcher doesn't try to falsely access the next instruction after an exception have turned off the immu18:05
stekernjuliusb: this means bus accesses on cappuccino will be a bit slower, but I think it's worth it, since we can then register them and up fmax a bit and it will (hopefully) simplify the cache logic18:06
stekerncache refills from bus should still be fast (and pipelined) though18:07
stekernI'm thinking we should have a seperate "ROM-port" for people that wants to run straight from fast on-chip RAM/ROM18:08
stekerncompletely bypassing the wb-logic18:08
stekernwb as in wishbone in this case18:11
juliusbstekern: (regarding or1k-timer tests) I don't quite understand why that patch works,but I'll take your word for it ;) I recall there's a few tests with assumptions about timing of execution, so not surprised if a few things must be tweaked to egt them to work across several implementations20:01
juliusbstekern: I see, you put in a registering stage somewhere in the fetch logic which ensures that we don't fetch beyond an exception-causing-instruction? sounds good to me! :)20:06
juliusbregarding ROM port - I completely agree! It's a commonly done thing20:06
juliusbso I've been very busy lately at work20:06
juliusblooking at an in-house processor and a Cortex M3, sort of comparing them in various ways, so I've gotten a bit more familiar with the characteristics and implementation of embedded processors in low-power ASICs20:07
juliusbbeen very interesting20:07
juliusbit's very uncommon that you have much between your program code and the processor20:07
juliusbthey are usually very tightly coupled20:07
juliusbolofk: hej!20:09
olofkjuliusb: Hi! It's been a while20:10
juliusbtoo long20:10
olofkDefinitely. I hope things settle down a bit here soon20:11
olofkSo, what's up? Was anyone at fosdem?20:11
juliusbyeah, i'm back in the saddle this weekend looking to push along the mor1kx20:11
juliusbI didn't go :(20:11
olofkGood stuff. How's it coming along?20:12
olofkGot to run now. I'll be back later this evening20:12
juliusbyeah just getting back into it20:13
juliusbnps, hej da20:13
juliusbthere's a good looking OSHUG on this week in London if anyone is nearby:
_franck_blueCmd: tdesc stuff pushed23:40

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