IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2013-02-08

juliusbstekern: what are all those acks tied to 1 for?02:02
juliusbthe cache and MMU SPRs?02:02
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stekernjuliusb: mnja, more because a change in cappuccino, but it was required for mmu sprs04:12
stekernthe change in cappuccino was to add support for the ack04:13
stekerni.e. stall the pipeline when the ack is not asserted04:13
stekernso if you want that, you have to ack on non-existing sprs to read out '0'04:14
stekernotherwise the pipeline will just lock up04:14
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blueCmdi'm hopefull that the currently compiling toolchain contains a fully functional TLS \o/12:45
blueCmdyep, done! one less thing to worry about.13:29
stekernblueCmd: nice one13:42
stekernI've got a lot of worrying to do with the fetch unit in mor1kx cappuccino :(13:42
stekernbut now it's time for a 4 week vacation in thailand, let's see if I managed to get anything done on the fetch unit during that time ;)13:43
blueCmdstekern: cool! have fun :)14:04

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