IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2013-01-26

stekernblueCmd: the got is actually more linked with PIC than dynamic linking, needing PIC for dynamic linking libraries is just a result of that08:32
blueCmdstekern: yes, a lot of things cleared by reading the document, drawing some things and venting thoughts - maybe I should get a rubber duck instead of the irc channel? ;-)11:17
blueCmdstekern: btw, feel free to merge my latest pull request (I don't have time to clean up my potential mess if I try :P)12:00
blueCmdit will fix the last (what I can see anyway) regressions from my dw2 patch series12:01
stekernblueCmd: will do14:46
stekernyay, I'm starting to get console output from Linux on mor1kx16:01
stekernin simulation at least16:01
stekernwoho, in hardware as well!16:14
stekernit crashes after a while, but still16:15
stekernlooks like it's a dtlb miss that turns into bus error after the tlb has been updating and the exception is rfeing back to the load18:24
stekerni.e. probably some rfe->dmmu enable glitch18:25
blueCmdI can now link to my non-hacked eglibc (only static), and run C programs \o/19:59
blueCmdthere is something not quite right in the linker.19:59
blueCmdstekern: do you remember that we hunted a bug related to weak refs? I got multiple definitions20:00
blueCmdnow I have the problem that I have to explicitly specificy to link with certain .o files - if I just just libc.a (which contains the .o files I need) the final output will only contain weak references, not the real symbols20:01
stekernhmm, no, can't say I remember20:02
stekernI know that attr-weakref-1.c have been failing in the testsuite20:02
stekernit has been failing upstream as well20:02
stekernbut the problem there is that a weakref to a weakref isn't emitted20:03
blueCmdhm, might be related20:03
blueCmdI just checked now - g++ emits weak refs as well so perhaps the linker does the right thing20:04
stekernyeah, from what I have seen, it does weak refs right20:04
stekerndoesn't mean there might be corner cases I haven't seen20:04
stekernI need more blockram in my cyclone iv...20:06
stekernhmm, this is odd... seems like sr just get's overwritten for no apperant reason20:13
blueCmdstekern: the issue I'm having is that _nl_current_LC_* (and what I can see, only those) are called with relocation addr 020:30
blueCmdwhich makes it hard for me to relocate them, since I don't know where they are20:30
blueCmdrelocate to them*20:44
_franck_jeremybennett: finally got some results:
_franck_do we have a reference point to say ir is good or bad ? Does it make sens to compare this to our gdb 7.2 results ?22:34
_franck_I also need your help to identify which FAIL is target dependant22:37

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